• Accenture Internship

    Accenture Internship Overview

    Accenture is one of the pioneers of Information Technology. The company specializes in providing management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to corporate clients, companies and government institutions all over the world. The history of this company dates back to 1989. Accenture’s network is spread in more than 120 countries with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and holds a work force of 257,000 employees. The well-balanced portfolio of Accenture makes it the world’s largest consulting firm. According to the Accenture Fact Sheet 2012, the company reported annual revenue of US$ 29.77 billion. The solutions offered by Accenture makes its clients conquer new and existing markets and launch new products to increase their operational income. With a stellar reputation like this, Accenture internships are highly sought after. Accenture helps students get a comprehensive know-how about potential employers before they enter the professional world. Paid summer internships are offered to graduates and undergraduates worldwide. The internship program is full time and lasts for ten weeks.

    Accenture Internship Benefits

    Since Accenture is a consulting firm, students who are lucky enough to work here are trained to be diligent consultants. The opportunities available are well-rounded helping them build everything from problem solving skills to interpersonal and communication skills.  Accenture internships are well-structured programs in which special training is provided not only in work course but also professional ethics. The interns attend corporate gatherings and lunches where they network with some of the best consultants, executives and employees of the company. Interns get to learn the secrets of the business and technology world along with acquiring commercial skills. Every intern is part of a project team which is led by supervisors who are there to provide feedback and guidance. The projects include working on actual challenges faced by the company and its clients. They learn the skills of designing and delivering innovative solutions to the clients. Accenture considers its interns as an integral part of the organization and provides every possible opportunity to make their internship worth the students’ time. Several social events are arranged such as barbeques and sports. The entire program infuses a spirit of being professionally committed.

    Also, having 257,000 employees and locations all over the world has its benefits, including name recognition. Accenture internships will give your resume a boost and potential employers will know that you received top-notch training. This will set you apart from other applicants and increase your chances of landing your ideal job!

    Accenture Internship Opportunities

    Accenture mainly offers internships in the following areas:

    • Consulting business
    • Supporting Systems Integration & Technology
    • Management Consulting

    Accenture summer internships are posted during early winter each year and starts from the end of June. Interested students are encouraged to keep visiting Accenture to stay up-to-date with current Accenture internship openings.

    Interesting Information about Accenture Internships

    Five core operating groups of the company include financial services, communications, products, media & technology, resources and health & public service. Accenture has been awarded as the ‘World’s Most Ethical Company’ for the fifth time by Ethisphere Institute in 2013. The company also managed to get listed in the best 100 companies of the world to work at by the Fortune magazine. Accenture has worked greatly for talent-development and providing numerous opportunities for underrepresented groups. It has also shown special interest towards education and development of its women employees.

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