It is common for every college student to apply for internships and put into practice everything that they have learned in college and gain work experience in the process. Basically there are two types of internships, those that are non-profit and for-profit. Non profit internships take place in non-profit organizations. These organizations hire interns to help them in daily operations and business processes. Due to the nature of their business, funds are limited and they could cut down costs by hiring interns to help them. Although these organizations do not offer much in terms of salary, the experience to be gained is quite beneficial. Many non-profit organizations compose of hospitals, volunteer associations, social services, government and universities.

Most non-profit organizations expose their interns in jobs related to volunteer work and anything dealing with people. This is suitable for those who are not yet sure of what career path to take. Interns could deal with administrative, operational and support positions depending on their preference.

Benefits of Non-Profit Internships

Basically, the major benefit of applying for a nonprofit internship is the experience you would gain. If you are the type who loves interacting with different types of people, or if you enjoy doing volunteer work, this type of internship is the most ideal choice. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to share your ideas, skills and time to organizations that have a positive goal for the community.

Companies Offering Non-Profit Internships

Here are some US companies that offer nonprofit internships:

  • American Red Cross  This is a very popular organization. They are known for responding to emergencies and natural calamities. They aid in terms of providing medical care, rescue responses and they educate the community with different issues. Internships opportunities involve community and training positions. This is perfect for those with the passion for public service and simply wants to help others.
  • TOMS Shoes  TOMS is quite popular due to the advocacy they have. This company strives to provide less fortunate children with a pair of shoes. Every pair of shoes bought is equivalent to one shoe given to a child. Internship positions available involve administrative tasks, management, volunteer work, marketing and customer service. This is perfect for shoe enthusiasts and creative people.
  • Love Heals  This is a company that strives to educate young individuals about HIV AIDS. They focus on crucial communities and schools in order to spread awareness about the issue. Getting the message across without promoting discrimination and judging is one of the organization’s approaches. Their methods include talks, leadership programs and community group interactions. Internship positions for this organization would be related in the training and education aspect.

If you have the passion and drive to help people and influence others in a positive way, it is advisable to try non-profit internships. Besides supporting different causes, non-profit internships are a great way to have a positive impact and feel good about yourself. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to see the smile in other people’s faces because of the help youve given them.

You may also be interested in internships with the World Bank, NATO, United Nations, and social work internships.