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    Description of Actuary Internships

    Do you love to juggle mathematics, statistics and solve the sums on probability? If you have a desire to leverage your knowledge and make lots of money, then a career as an actuary is right for you. Top-notch insurance companies hire students for actuary internships so they can become future employees. Actuary internships include becoming a financial planner or an analyst to predict upcoming trends and insurance premium rates with full acuity. Financial planners (also known as financial advisors) help people invest in their future through the company’s financial products. Actuary analysts assess and dissect the present global economy to allow insurance companies to weigh the pros and cons of financial risks that they undertake. Both can be very financially rewarding.

    What are Actuary Internships?

    Internships in any field are a great opportunity to gain experience. Actuary internships refer to the process of quantifying insurance premiums.  The actuary intern can hone their skills to become a financial planner or business consultant. Going into the field of actuary requires advanced mathematic courses and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, economics, or related fields. Actuary internships allow you to build communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and analytical skills. Many actuary internships also pay a salary.

    Benefits of Actuary Internships

    • It is an exhilarating learning experience where you gain hands-on experience in the insurance industry.
    • You can apply your coursework in mathematics and statistics to real situations at your internship.
    • Actuary internships will challenge you and will enable you to transition into a full-time actuary job. The experience will help you advance in your career quicker.
    • Having actuary internship experience will set you apart from your competition when you graduate.

    Types of Actuary Internships

    There are four main types of actuary internships:

    • Insurance companies are one of the popular organizations to offer actuary internships. Such companies consists of actuarial staff who are in charge of calculating the pay-offs when dealing with cases involving customer claims and also help in writing policies and determining insurance premiums.
    • Local and federal governments offer a supportive arm to the people post retirement via pensions and social service. The government is always on the lookout for actuary interns. The intern will be required to assess different financial situations, the vitality of financial programs and solving funding needs.
    • Banks that act as the lending institutions to the borrowers in need of loans and other financial products need actuaries to assess financial risks.
    • Consulting firms that advise businesses in retirement funds, investments and other financial programs also provide actuary internships.

    Here is a useful link that will give you more information on becoming an actuary professional: How Do I Become an Actuary.

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