In every school there are talented students who are learning or excelling in writing, sports reporting, video editing, and photography. As a matter of fact, many just do it as a hobby. But why not turn this interest into something that you can do for a living? Ever thought about getting finding journalism internships? Internships can be great opportunities to enhance your abilities in writing articles for the editorial, sports writing, fashion trends, even gossip and lots more. You can find journalism internships anytime during the year, whether you prefer the summer or school year months. It isn’t necessary to already have any skills as journalism internships are a great way to realize your potential and discover your passions for journalism.

Different Types of Journalism Internships

Journalism internships are perfect for receiving on-the-job training in journalism, media, newspapers, broadcasting medium and even in the internet. This is where interns can learn how to leverage skills taught in school to develop real world knowledge in different fields. Internships are about understanding your capabilities and having the determination to improve yourself. Journalism internships can help you learn the importance of giving accurate information to world events, happenings, and opinions. Whether it’s your neighborhood, country, or the world, information needs to be voiced through the minds, ideas and perceptions of journalists. It is a very important job. Before applying to different journalism internships, consider topics that interest you and apply to those first. This way, you’ll enjoy your internship while getting the most out of it.

The following is a list of types of journalism internships followed by a brief description:

  • News editorials and digital article writing: Editorial and news article writing represents media or newspapers view on issues. The article could simply be relaying news or it could be based on opinions. For news articles, the writer tries to be as unbiased as possible. For opinion articles, writers make an argument to try and influence readers in thinking a certain way. Journalism is great in that it promotes deep thinking, public awareness, and can often encourage people to act, participate and get involved in current issues.
  • Video and audio editing: Many students have a knack for creating videos, making movies, editing sounds, etc. Video and audio editing is the process of editing segments of recordings to achieve desired results that will enhance the quality. Fortunately, with the help of recent technology and software, interns have all the tools necessary to edit videos and audios. Through video and audio editing internships, students can develop and learn the different styles for splicing, timeline editing, and sound effects. After mastering and gaining experiencing through internships, it will be a lot less difficult to take the next step towards a professional career.

    Photo, graphics and layout printing: Many people are interested in this area because it gives them a chance to be artistic. Here, internships will focus on creating and improving images. This area requires the student to develop a talent in creating imagery that understands how people think or how they feel. Internships here will focus on visual communication that develops ones ability to filter, fine tune, design, and resize images.

  • Field and sports reporting: These internships are mainly out on the field or on-the-spot reporting. Field and sports reporters are on the scene providing information and updates to the people through mostly broadcasting media. Nowadays, with the invention of the internet, podcasts are also available on the web. It takes great skills, the right voice, perfect language skills, intelligence, and quick thinking to do the job. With so many requirements, finding internships to help you hone in on your talents is vital and will help you gain the needed experience.

Journalism Internships Job Types

There are media and broadcasting companies in need of interns who are interested in training and learning in different fields of journalism. Many of these companies offer temporary job positions that are both unpaid internships as well as paid internships. However, regardless of the pay, it’s worth looking into these internship opportunities as they will likely help you to earn more and gain more knowledge in your future career.  Also, don’t forget, journalism internships will always look great on your resume.

Here are examples of companies that are in need of interns for specific positions:

  • Reporting Paid Internship: This is an editorial news writing internship. American Metal Market (AMM) has been publishing since 1882. AMM is a trusted name in metals industry information. Their publication helps readers, namely clients, users, and industry managers in making everyday decisions. They are in need of an editorial intern for the summer 2013. Any graduate student with a business reporting background and has interest of getting hands-on experience reporting in various platforms. E-mail with cover letter, resume to Barbara ODonovan at [email protected]
  • Broadcast Desk Assistant: This is an example for video and audio editing. PBS NewsHour is a news program that has been broadcasting news weekly for 30 years. Millions of Americans and citizens rely in its reporting and it is one of the most trusted news programs. They have a need for 8 Desk Assistants (DA) that involve producing a nightly television news program. The position is part of their six-month internship program and will be assigned to different units including correspondents, producers and reporters. Interested parties may send their resume to Sarah McHaney, Desk Assistant Coordinator, [email protected]
  • Radio News Reporter: Albany Broadcasting Company is in need of part-time News Associate to assist in gathering information and write newscast reports. The position focuses on live newscast reporting and other field reporting events.  It involves not only reporting but news writing as well. Interested applicants can email their cover letter, resume, example of recorded video work, and at least three article samples and send them to Crista Leigh, News & Traffic Director, [email protected]

There are more available journalism internships and positions that may fit your talents and abilities. Always remember that getting journalism internship experience will help increase your chances of a successful career in journalism. Visit this website for more job listings to find the right position for you: Journalism Internship Listing .

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