Description of International Internships

Dreaming of traveling abroad to see places and meet new people? International internships are a great way of gaining work experience, getting paid (if they’re paid internships), and travel to new places. Internships that are unpaid internships will most likely provide you with housing and a stipend to pay for your living expenses. Sounds great, right? Though many international internships will require some type of visa (for example, work visas or student visas) to be present in the country, it should not be much of an issue.

Types of International Internships

The great thing about internships abroad is that there are so many different types of internships available. Whether you want to teach, volunteer, or work for a large corporation, there are international internships for everyone. These are examples of international internships:

    • Education Internships: The most common education internships internationally are teach abroad programs such as The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET). With programs like this, interns have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, and help other students learn languages like English. Most of these programs will either pay for or include a stipend to pay for housing, which is typically separate from a paid salary as well.
  • Volunteer Programs: There are two types volunteering programs:
    • Charities at Work programs are dedicated to helping underprivileged people. Different areas of work that are needed include health, home building, youth service and other humanitarian services. Some volunteers may get credit, but ultimately, the experiences you gain here will be valuable in life, including you future work. Due to its nature, volunteer programs are not paid, but your work with the volunteer organization will look great on your resume.
    • Community service: The service depends on helping communities and programs meet objectives. It can include anything from assisting the old and disabled people, local youth programs, and schools, to teaching a community how to be self-sustainable.
    • Direct internships with organizations: These internships can be with Government organizations, major international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations and educational organizations. They offer a wider range of opportunities that is useful as a starting point for an internship search. Make sure to apply for the necessary work authorization and that you at least meet the minimum qualifications.

Companies that Offer International Internships

International internships are within your grasps. Many companies offer great incentives for their internship programs. Here are examples of two companies that will give you great opportunities to learn, work and travel!

  • AIESEC International Internships: AIESEC is an international non-profit organization that offers recent graduates and students with a variety of job opportunities and internships worldwide. Around more than 8,000 organizations from multinational corporations to small and medium size businesses, non-profits to government organizations, and the UN partners with AIESEC. Their huge network offers a lot of opportunities. They offer two programs:
    • Global Exchange Program offers international internships to work full time for 2 to 18 months. Interns will demonstrate his or her skills and the impact by handling a specific job or task for short or long term commitment. They will also give solutions for restrictive manpower and setting and opens for international management pipeline to gain insight in project and strategies. This is open to all current students and recent graduates worldwide.
    • Graduate Recruitment Program is an initiative to recruit local and international candidates. It offers a management pipeline to any experienced international applicants for internships abroad. Recent graduates will gain mixed experience in leadership skills and working abroad to introduce companies to the global marketplace.
  • Cultural Vistas Internships Abroad: Is a non-profit organization that has been around for over 60 years. International internships with Cultural Vistas would provide excellent work experience abroad. They have an extensive network to connect Americans and international applicants to job opportunities all over the world. They are committed to their mission in enriching minds for advance global skills, building careers, and bridging through international exchange programs. They also provide experience in a global workplace in creating greater cultural understanding and cooperation to help solve critical issues our world faces today.
  • Global Experiences: They provide high quality customized international internship programs and offer an exciting internship in ten cites in seven countries for the 2013 summer. Global Experience also has wildly popular fashion internships which are available in many locations. Interns can rest assured knowing that their programs have been one of the bests for over 10 years. Visit Global Experiences to explore potential matches with employers abroad!

Benefits in International Internship

Internships abroad not only gives you a chance to obtain global work experience, but you also get an opportunity to travel to different countries. You will get to learn about different cultures, meet new people from all walks of life, and they will get a chance to know you as well. Though language barrier would be difficult at first, you will eventually pick up a few words and learn a new language. International internships will also show future employers that you are willing and capable of succeeding in unfamiliar territories. And oh, did I mention that you get to travel?

Other Useful Information about International Internships is an excellent source to find currently available internships abroad. Here, you can find a wide choice of internship programs in work, education and travel.

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