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    Entertainment Internships - Description

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    Entertainment internships provide on-the-job training for those who major in entertainment-related courses. At first, when people think of internships with film companies, television stations and the like, they tend to imagine assistants running around doing errands for the director. Though this may be true for some, it is still a great opportunity to get exposure. In entertainment internships, interns should be flexible enough and capable of grasping ideas quickly. The intern may be required to perform work with one of many departments involved with entertainment.

    Types of Entertainment Internships

    There are many different types of entertainment internships. The following are the more popular ones:

    • Script-writing Internships – writing internships are one of the more common openings. Many entertainment companies rely on writers for a show, program, or movie. In line with this, creative writers and story writers are one of the most sought after positions in writing. Writing internships are challenging because creativity is not something that can easily be taught. Mentors do not necessarily teach interns on how to write. Rather, they provide interns with a general idea of a show, program or movie, and let the interns exercise their minds. A writing internship can either be paid or unpaid depending on the company. Many companies do pay their interns, especially if they are excellent writers.

    • Directing Internships - there are also internships available for those who are interested in directing. Also known as associate directors, they mainly assist professional directors. Most directing interns are recent graduates with coursework in film or theater. The professional directors usually have important responsibilities, which allow the directing intern to learn a great deal. Directing internships are typically unpaid internships, but you can’t put a price on an opportunity like this.
    • Acting Internships - an intern actor may be hired to get trained, hone his skills, rehearse, participate, and perform for an actual theater play, movie, or television show. This kind of entertainment intern is often paid unless the intern is performing for a non-profit organization. An actor intern normally gets credits for his overall performance. It provides good exposure and is a great stepping stone for an acting career.
    • Photography Internships – there is also photography within entertainment internships. This field will help the intern enhance his visual development skills and acquire hands-on experience. He or she will work with professional photographers, set designers, stylists, talents/models and clients as well. The intern will receive firsthand exposure as to how photographers are marketed and booked for photography jobs. Photography internships can either be paid or unpaid depending on the company.

    Entertainment internships are often offered by established entertainment companies worldwide. Entertainment summer internships are also available for those who prefer short term internships that normally involve seminars, trainings and workshops. Like with other internships, summer internships may be paid or unpaid depending on the company.

    Benefits of Entertainment Internships

    A person can reap a lot of benefits from doing entertainment internships. It provides an intern with invaluable work experience. It serves as great exposure to a very competitive industry, and gives the intern an opportunity to showcase his/her talents and skills. Entertainment internships are also great stepping stones for interns begin networking and meeting new people who are more established in the industry.

    For more information on entertainment internships, please visit: Entertainment Careers.

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