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    Description of McKinsey Internships

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    McKinsey & Company is one of the most trusted advisors in the world. They are a privately owned management consulting firm that addresses and solves tactical, administrative, operational and technical issues that arise within industries, national governments, and public foundations. The company performs deep investigations, makes use of unique resources and uses its vast international experience to suggest and implement its recommendations. McKinsey & Company was founded in 1926 and is based in the United States. They expand their services in more than 50 countries world-wide. McKinsey and Company works with leading companies in all industries all over the world. The firm is always striving to expand its already dedicated and committed team through McKinsey internships. They offer winter and summer internships to top candidates along with other internship positions that are posted throughout the year. The internships are paid and last for about 8 to 10 weeks.

    Benefits of McKinsey Internships

    Those who have exceptional problem-solving skills are encouraged to apply to McKinsey internship programs. The interns at McKinsey are considered an important part of the problem solving process. They are taught to collect data and carry out analysis. They are also asked to present their recommendations and ideas in front of senior directors. This instills a sense of responsibility, professionalism and efficiency and they feel pride in their work. Interns get exposure in multiple industries and get to work with the most talented and intelligent individuals. Moreover, everyone who becomes a part of McKinsey develops lifetime analytical agendas and networks. Thinking and reasoning aptitude are developed during the internship which helps in all walks of life. Those who want to be entrepreneurs, interning at McKinsey can be a very profitable opportunity as you will learn how businesses work in general. Through McKinsey internships, the firm invests a lot of time and money into its interns. This is because many interns who perform well are offered full-time positions when they graduate. If not, having McKinsey & Company on your resume will open up a lot of opportunities.

    Current McKinsey Internship Opportunities

    Currently, McKinsey & Company is offering Internship and Insight programs for 2013. Winter McKinsey internship programs were also announced this year and the application deadline was in March 2013. The following opportunities are present for those currently pursuing a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, PhD, JD or other advanced degrees:

    • General consulting roles
      • Associate Internships
      • Business Analyst Internships
      • Fellow Internships
    • Internal and support roles
    • Knowledge and research roles

    The application process is online and the details can be found at McKinsey Internship Recruiting.

    Other Important Information about McKinsey Internships

    McKinsey generates annual revenue of about $7 billion. Its family consists of 17,000 employees worldwide including 9000 consultants. Recent graduates of prestigious universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford choose McKinsey & Company to start their professional career. It is known as the “best CEO launch pad” because many present and past CEOs are notable alumni of McKinsey and Company. Some names worth mentioning include Jonathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystem, and Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone. 

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