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    Morgan Stanley is a multinational corporation offering financial services. It operates in 42 countries.  It offers internship programs to provide new opportunities to undergraduate and graduate degree students. Morgan Stanley internships are available during summer and throughout the year as well.

    Morgan Stanley internships are offered with the aim to attract fresh talents. This means that you may get a chance at a full-time job once you graduate. Both undergraduates and advanced degree candidates can get an opportunity to work in the world’s leading financial service company. Summer analyst internship programs are offered to undergraduate students. Students pursuing graduate and other advanced degree programs are eligible for summer associate internship programs. As an intern, you need to work as part of a team, create work product and add value to real projects depending on your focus area. Interns are assigned various project assignments that last for several weeks. Numerous networking and training opportunities are available for the interns.

    Morgan Stanley Internship Opportunities

    • Summer Analyst – Morgan Stanley offers summer analyst internships to undergraduate juniors and sophomores. The program also offers an opportunity to participate in the full time analyst program. It is designed with the aim to attract new talents. The program gives you a chance to work with top professionals in the finance industry. As an intern, you need to participate in social events, seminars and training, which will give you hands on experience and provide you with a career advantage when entering the workforce. The internship program lasts for 10 to 12 weeks.

    • Summer Associate – Summer associate internships are offered to students pursuing master degrees in fields of study like MBA, PhD and MFE. The program is designed to offer you practical experience and exposure to various areas in your field. It helps enhance your professional skills and knowledge.

    Morgan Stanley internships are available during the school year. In Europe, Middle East and Asia, they offer a range of internship programs.

    • Spring insight program – offered by the department of Institutional Securities at Morgan Stanley. The program provides you with an opportunity to work with leading industry professionals and build your skills. You can learn about banking, sales and trading and global capital markets.
    • Off cycle internship – offered by investment banking department. The program offers opportunities to work on all phases of project development, from data gathering to organizing logistical details.

    Morgan Stanley Internship Area of Focus

    Opportunities for Morgan Stanley internships are available in the following fields:

    • Equity Research
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Asset Management
    • Investment Banking
    • Private Wealth Management
    • Finance
    • Operations

    Benefits of Doing Morgan Stanley Internships

    The programs give you an opportunity to gain expertise in the field of your choice in numerous ways. They provide you with a chance to meet many interesting people and make new friends. You can get recognition for your effort from the teammates and management, which can help you develop your network. You can get better guidance and support from top professionals in the industry and gain firsthand experience. You can develop a range of skills, including time management, communication and teamwork, which can give a boost to your resume.

    Morgan Stanley is a globally recognized financial institution. The internships here are very competitive because the company has a lot to offer. Interns will get top-notch training, meet experts, and get a chance to develop relevant skills that will surely help you in the real world.

    For more info on Morgan Stanley internships, please visit their Internship section.

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