Sports internships are great in providing students with opportunities to secure a good job in the future. In a recessing economy, it is difficult for everyone to find and/or sustain employment. Sports internships are not simply a temporary job, but it gives you first-hand experience in sports affiliated businesses and gives your resume a boost. Getting all the essential information about sports internships can help you gain a competitive edge against other applicants.

Different Types of Sports Internships

Various types of sports internships are available in the U.S. Sports Internships may be either paid or unpaid and may be limited by the season in which the particular sport is played. Some common types include:

  • Sports Management Internships
  • Summer Sales Internship Programs
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Promotion Internships in sports media
  • Live sporting events, ranging from preparing the field where sporting event will be played to operation of scoreboards
  • Sports writing related content in print or web
  • Sports Photography Internships
  • Athletic Coordinator Internships
  • Internships in Sport Event Planning and Coordination
  • Sports Accounting Internships

Companies that Offers Sports Internships

ESPN offers various sports internships in the summer, spring and fall semesters to students. ESPN is one of the most well-known names in sports so their sports internships are highly competitive and pays well. Sports magazines and various websites also offer sports internships. Professional football organizations, athlete management firms, sports public relations and management companies, and sports equipment companies also offer sports internships.

Typical Salary of Sports Internships

The typical salary of sports interns can vary from a small stipend to $10-$25 an hour depending on your internship function. Paid internships offered by big companies can also help you get access to all the other perks enjoyed by their employees, such as free tickets to sporting events.

Summer Sports Internships

Summer internships are offered by many sports affiliated companies mainly due to the fact that most college students will be on summer break. This allows the sports intern to work full-time during this time. For summer sports internships, it is best to apply during the fall semester/quarter of your school year. These sports internships are highly competitive so employers will most likely start the recruiting process early.

Benefits of Doing Sports Internships

Sports internships help you gain experience in sports related fields. This enhances your chances to get a good job with a decent salary. It will also make your resume more appealing to future hiring managers. As your work experience is limited, sports internships can be a big selling point on your resume.

Though sports internships require you to spend some hours out of the classroom, you should be able to get school credit for your hours. This can also help increase your contacts. You can get references in the sports industry and make future employers feel more confident in what you can offer to his/her company.  You will get a chance to meet many people, interact with them, and acquire knowledge about the needs to be accomplished within an organization. In summary, sports internships will increase your chances of getting a job after you graduate.

Other Information About Sports Internships

Sports internship programs are typically offered to undergraduate and graduate students. One of the most important factors in getting is to have passion for sports. Other eligibility requirements vary from organization to organization and from internship program to program.

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By Diane Barlow