Description of Hospitality Internships

Hospitality Internships provide the best training for students who hope to manage operations in the hotel and retail guest services, food and beverage industry, as well as recreation. In this field of internship, it is necessary for an intern to know how important every detail is. It requires the utmost attention to all aspects of operations. For some it may be a task in welcoming guests at a concierge desk or working for room inspections or tracking inventory. Whatever one’s particular internship position may be, the most important thing about hospitality internships is gaining knowledge from professional mentors and clients and being able to develop much needed skills which will in turn enhance one’s versatility, effectiveness and efficiency in a job.

Popular Positions in Hospitality Internships:

  • Technology, Marketing and Support Internships – are for current or recent graduates who are seeking to join in the profitable online technology and marketing space but still lack in the required skills. A Technology, Marketing and Support Intern would handle and escalate customer support concerns, consult on Marketing and Operational Tactics, configure online solutions and perform online marketing tasks
  • Public Relations and Social Media Internships – are intended for those who specialize in public relations, architecture, design and hospitality. Public relations and social media intern must be able to manage social media presence online, create outlines for projects, read all print and online publications and report about it, develop calendar of special events, and maintain a database for a company’s social networking site.
  • Hotel Sales Development Internships    normally require assistants for the Hotel Sales Development team who will think of ideas to identify opportunities and develop strategies to make more hotel bookings, support in data analysis and implementation of campaigns. A Hotel Sales Development Intern needs to create strategies to increase revenues, educate target hotels and solicit individual target hotels. He must also be able to Identify and track rate error patterns that prevent independent hotels from bookings; and to integrate and coordinate sales efforts to sales team for independent hotels to participate.
  • Front Desk Internships – are the most common. A front desk intern must perform tasks like check in and check out procedures, provide concierge services to guests, greet guests, give tours to guests, pitch marketing ideas and work with the rest of the hotel team.

There are many opportunities for paid hospitality internships and undergraduates are usually the ones encouraged for this kind of training even when there are some skills that they might lack. Hospitality internships give interns a chance to spend time with other interns and business leaders to develop their personal skills and explore the hospitality industry. For more information on available hospitality internships, a great website to visit is: Hospitality Internships in the US.

Benefits of Hospitality Internships


Hospitality internships provide students with an opportunity to learn best practices and operational strategies that will be vital when they graduate. Even if the hospitality internship is unpaid, the chance to apply what you learn in school to real world situations is invaluable.

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By Diane Barlow