National Geographic Internships Description

National Geographic internships
are highly valued in the wildlife documentary industry. The National Geographic Society has been around for more than a century. Operating as a nonprofit, they have been educating people about many topics including science, history, technology and many more. When we think of National Geographic, we think about snakes, lions, the African desert, or wildlife documentaries. Environmental and historical conservation, geography, archeology, and natural science are some of the main topics they cover.

To share their findings with the world, they offer journals, magazines, television documentaries, maps, and much more. Based in Washington D.C. of the US, they have over 360 million viewers and readers from all over the world. The National Geographic channel and National Geographic Magazine are the two most popular possessions of the society. They believe that young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It is essential that young people understand and explore the world so as to preserve and protect the planet’s natural resources. National Geographic internships target these young individuals. These internships are offer in a number of departments and are usually paid. Some are summer internships, while others may be done throughout the school year.

Benefits of National Geographic Internships

National Geographic Society offers an appealing atmosphere and community of people who are experts in their field. Internships offered are limited and highly competitive. Interns get to work on eye-opening tasks involving nature and science. The society is known as one of the leaders in providing educational documentaries. Experts in their fields are recruited for projects, so interns will always be working with the best. Interns may be involved with journalism, writing, editing, research and designing. Students may also be lucky enough to travel for the National Geographic internships. Many of the projects take place in foreign places, so travel may be required. Some other perks include excellent discounts on books, merchandise, trips and gift shops.

Your internship experience with National Geographic will be like none other. You will gain insight into the world of doing research and creating documentaries. Your experience here will be highly prized by future employers. The name is recognizable anywhere in the world and will look great on your resume.

National Geographic Internships

National Geographic internships are offered in the following divisions:

  • National Geographic magazine
  • Traveler Magazine
  • National Geographic Television & Film
  • National Geographic Channels International (NGCI)
  • National Geographic Libraries and Information Services (LIS)
  • National Geographic Communications

For more information on National Geographic internships, please visit: Careers FAQs.

Interesting Information about National Geographic Internships

The National Geographic Society is over 120 years old and was formed in 1888. The society sponsors and funds research projects all over the world. It has also aided many social projects. National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild are the beloved channels that audience watches from all over the world. Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, which is aired on Nat Geo Wild, is a very popular show.

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