Vogue Internship Description

Vogue Magazine is considered to be the king of fashion, beauty, trends and lifestyle. With the first issue published in 1892, Vogue is now published monthly with a total circulation of 1,248,121. Based in the US, it is the world’s most famous fashion magazine and produces 21 national and regional editions. Over the years, Vogue stood for eminence, representing the stylish and impalpable women. It has apprehended the thoughts of women for over more than 100 years. Vogue exerts its influence by using style and journalistic developments to aware the masses of current political issues. Vogue magazine warmly welcomes new talent that has a passion for fashion. It openly accepts fresh ideas that are essential to keep its readers interested. Summer vogue internships are offered every year to undergrad students who can be available for 4-5 days per week. These internships are unpaid and last for about 3 months.

Vogue Internship Opportunities

In March of this year, Vogue announced summer internship programs. The duration of the vogue internship was stated to be from mid-May to mid-August. Internship duties include maintaining office documentation, arranging for shoots, and performing errands. Interns are needed for the following departments:

Benefits of Vogue Internships

Vogue magazine is dedicated to offering interns a strong educational experience. Once you become a part of Vogue, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted to the world-class team of editors, leading sellers and marketers.  You get hands-on experience on editorial, meet professionals, and personally see how a magazine company works. In addition to professional training, you will find interning in the fashion industry fascinating. Interns will be exposed to fashion magnates and famous celebrities. For this reason, Vogue ensures that every intern it appoints is mature enough and good at multitasking. Being a part of fashion world, interns working at Vogue develop a sense of personal style. You get to be surrounded by amazing fashion and proudly be a part of a major publication. During the course of the internship, Vogue arranges several seminars and workshops to familiarize the interns of multi-media business. Last but not the least; you get a well-known name to help boost your resume. By the end of your internship program you will be prepared for the arduous road into the fashion industry. Apply to a Vogue internship and begin your fashion career!

Other Information about Vogue Internship

A vogue internship is not easy to obtain. They seek people who are practical, organized, deadline-oriented, proficient, and have an optimistic attitude. Vogue is owned by Conde Nast, a magazine publishing company based in US. Latest designs and trends, products of world’s top designers’ products are revealed by unmatched, appealing and artistic photographs and content. Also information about jewelry, art, entertainment, travel, lifestyle and beauty are presented in a captivating style.

For more information about getting a vogue internship, please visit Conde Nast Careers.

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By Diane Barlow