Event planning internships are very important to the success of anyone interested in pursuing a career in event planning. It may sound like a challenging internship that involves coordinating, work services, and timeline planning, but with the proper event planning internship, it won’t as hard.  At first, it might be difficult but in the long run, you’ll get to know, learn and master the challenges such as delegation of works, creating activities, to sell, organize, develop, and volunteer.

Types of Event Planning Internships

Many organizations and corporations need workers, volunteers and event planners in helping and organizing various events and activities occur throughout the year. It can require tremendous manpower to make the event successful, accomplish goals, and attaining objectives. There are many types of events that help develop different abilities and specialties. Here are examples of event planning events and a brief description of the internship associated with it:

  • Corporate Event Planning Internships: It involves planning meetings, assemblies, conventions, seminars and other corporate activities that may be held periodically. Event planning professionals will need to delegate accounting reports, audio visual presentation and assisting managing all aspects of the events. Event planning internships will typically involve these kinds of job functions, such as arranging and distribution of documents that are needed at these events.
  • Family Gatherings Event Planning Internships: This is typically a big event for families wanting to share lifelong memories and bond with each other to build closer relationships. These event planning internships may involve organizing children parties, birthdays, debuts, reunions, and weddings. While event planning internships for family gatherings may be as an assistant to a professional or for a company, the experience can be very valuable as the intern may gain experience in many different types of events.
  • Money-generating Event Planning Internships: These are money-generating events where people join in both for pleasure and for business. These kinds of events involve lots of planning and are typically for promotional purposes, strategic, money income and marketing. Many money-generating event planning internships are hired by event planning management companies to provide additional lower cost help in order to have successful and smooth operations during the activities.
  • Charity Event Planning Internships: These kinds of events involve volunteering, medical missions, and different kinds of humanitarian activities. These are usually organized by foundations, churches, government organizations, hospitals and other institutions. Charity events can be very crucial to an organization’s operations as many depend on the donations to pay for expenses throughout the year. Event planning internships are valuable resources to the organizations due to the lower costs, so finding internships here would be a good bet.

Typical Salary of Event Planning Internships

While some are unpaid internships, people need to remember that many event planning internships are unpaid internships due to its nature, especially because many internships are with nonprofit organizations. This should be well-worth the intern’s time because invaluable experience will be gained. However, some companies offer honorariums and non-promising salaries for the services rendered.

Summer Event Planning Internships

As one would expect, the money-generating event planning internships are most desirable to event planners and interns, especially during summer. This is typically the time where most people interact, particularly during tradeshows, showcases, promotional events, and unveiling of new product or services. For these, searching for summer internships would provide great experience. Also, party events are highly desirable for event planners, not merely for pleasure, but more for the potential for big bucks.

Other Information about Event Planning Internships

All events need to be planned well in advance to identify the necessary manpower to fulfill all work responsibilities, and avoid any potential confusions and conflicts. Sure enough, event planning internships is the best way to gain hands-on experience and skills in all aspects of planning an event. With this experience, students will be better prepared when they graduate and will have an advantage over the competition. Remember, event planning internships are not about how much money you make, but about getting an opportunity to develop different skills in different areas of event planning.

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