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    Description of Goldman Sachs Internships

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    Goldman Sachs internships are offered to students pursuing finance-related degrees. The internship programs provide you with an excellent opportunity to work along with experts in the financial industry.  You are given a chance to work on actual financial issues of their clients.

    The firm is known as the industry leader in the financial services industry. One of their most reputable services is Investment Banking, in which they provide valuable financial insight for a number of issues companies may face. Investment banking internships at Goldman Sachs are very competitive as they tend to hire students from only top universities in the world.

    No matter what Goldman Sachs internship program you are in, the experience will help you with future jobs for many years. They have been one of the most recognizable and profitable companies in the financial services industry. Their history and experience has built a strong reputation among many of the top companies in the world. If you become part of their team, you will receive top-notch training and get a chance to work with the brightest minds in the world.

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    If you are able to receive a job offer after your Goldman Sachs internship, you will receive one of the best compensation packages in the industry. The hours may be long, but Goldman Sachs makes sure that they pay their employees well. That means investing in their employees from the beginning, and paying their interns well.

    Goldman Sachs Internship Opportunities

    • Summer Analyst Internship program - Summer analyst internship program is offered to students pursuing a four-year degree. It is generally given during the second year of study. Students of any discipline or major can apply for this program.  Goldman Sachs gives preference to students who have outstanding academics and have interest in the financial markets. The program lasts for ten weeks and requires you to take part in the day-to-day activities of any of their divisions. In the beginning, you need to learn about the culture of their organization. The internship program also helps you get a chance to receive training in a particular division, which will help you succeed in that division. Summer Analyst internship program lets you work alongside industry leaders and offers you a chance to get a full-time position when you graduate.
    • Summer Associate Internship - these are offered to students who are pursuing a master degree program like an MBA, MD or LLM.  In order to become eligible for this program, you need to have knowledge about the finance industry and the products and services offered by Goldman Sachs. Summer Associate internship lasts for 10 weeks and it provides you with the opportunity to work with some of the most talented professionals in the finance industry. You can also get a chance to obtain a full time position in the company. These are highly sought after since many interns eventually get job offers paying well in the six figures.
    • Brazil Intern Program - New analyst internship is open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degree program in any field. It is usually undertaken in the senior year. The internship lasts for one to two years, depending on your college year. It offers a chance to work as a team on real projects in a foreign country.
    • Community Bridge Program - Community Bridge program is offered by Goldman Sachs to students who are in the second year of a two year program in a community college. It is a six week program that requires you to work on real world projects along with talented technology professionals.
    • Spring Internships – this is open to first year students studying a three-year degree and second year students pursuing a four-year degree. Discipline or degree major is not considered for eligibility. You need to have interest in financial markets and the ability to balance competition and teamwork. The program lasts for two weeks and offers you experience in an extensive range of financial services. The program is offered in Europe, Africa and Middle Asia divisions. Goldman Sachs offer internship programs in various divisions, such as Finance, operations, Investment Banking, Technology and internal audit. You should specify the division you are interested in when applying for Goldman Sachs internships.

    Salary for Goldman Sachs Internships

    Goldman Sachs internships, particularly the Summer Analyst, pay around $58,760 per year. Summer financial analyst interns receive approximately $3,883 per month. Goldman Sachs is a leader in the financial services industry, and they pay their interns well to attract the best talent.

    Application Process for Goldman Sachs Internships

    To begin your Goldman Sachs internship application process, please visit their career section. Their recruiting process is very detailed and extensive. They only choose the most qualified to interview, and only hire the best of the best. Good luck!