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    Medical Internships – An Overview

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    Medical internships
    offer physicians who have completed medical school to get practical training.  An intern with a medical degree can get a full license to practice medicine without any supervision after completing the internship and the United States Medical Licensing Examination successfully. Internships are also offered for undergraduate and graduate medical students.

    Medical internships typically last for a year. They are available in two variations: transitional and specialty track.  As an intern, you need to work with a team of other residents under the supervision of a physician. You need to make the rounds of patients under your care, get patient histories, carry out tests, write prescriptions and review treatment option.  You also need to assist the physicians in surgeries. Medical internships require you to be on call on a rotary basis. You need to work on day shifts and night shifts. Medical interns typically receive $40, 000 to $50,000 per year. For more information on salary, check out HealthcareWages.org.

    Organizations Offering Medical Internships

    • University of Texas Medical School Houston – The University of Texas Medical School at Houston offers summer internship programs to first year medical students enrolled at their medical school. The research program lasts for 10 weeks in summer. You will be guided by faculty mentor on research projects. You need to work for 40 hours a week on research in the chosen faculty lab. This medical internship program offers a stipend of up to $5,200.

    • St. Jude Children’s Research Foundation – St. Jude Children’s Research Foundation offers a pediatric oncology education program that provides internships in clinical or lab research. Undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in medicine or bio-medical science can apply for this medical internship. The program lasts for 9 weeks for students currently studying in a medical school. The interns will get a stipend of $4,000. It is a summer internship program.
    • University of Maryland – University of Maryland offers cancer research internships to students enrolled in a medical school. Undergraduate students having great interest in cancer research are eligible to apply for this program.  It is a summer internship program that provides you with an opportunity to take part in ground-breaking research in the fight against cancer. The program lasts for 8 weeks. You will receive $1, 500 in the first summer. The stipend amount will be increased by $500 in the subsequent summers.
    • Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers- Pennsylvania – Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers offer summer internship programs to first year medical students. The program last for 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks. These medical internships help you gain clinical experience and apply the knowledge and skills you have obtained in the first year of study. You may need to interview the patients and conduct physical examination. The program offers $500 as a weekly stipend.

    Students can find medical internships at pretty much any university that has a medical program. The internship can be at the school’s hospital or any one of the hospitals that the school has partnered up with.

    Benefits of Doing Medical internships

    Medical internships are an excellent way to obtain practical experience in the medical field. Many medical schools offer some type of summer internship programs. Research internship programs are also available, which are done with the scientist or professor at the college. Some colleges partner with local hospitals to have their medical students placed in internship programs, so there are plenty of options available in this field. The internship programs provide you with an opportunity to work alongside experienced healthcare professionals. You can get training in cutting edge medical technologies.

    To find a current list of medical internships in your area, please visit www.indeed.com.

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