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    KPMG Internship Description

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    KPMG is one of the world’s largest companies responsible for Audit, Tax and Advisory professional services to its clients. It is one of the companies that belong to the prestigious group of audit firms worldwide, called the Big Four. KPMG internships are very competitive and the firm is super selective in their hiring process. The firm is a great place to launch your career in the industry. Though they offer intensive training during the internship, KPMG expects the interns to already have core skills. This includes having critical thinking and analytical skills, accounting, Microsoft Excel, and math.

    KPMG Internship Opportunities

    There are three major KPMG internships:

    • Audit Internship – KPMG audit interns are trained to become skilled at handling financial statement audit tasks. The intern is taught to follow a more thorough method with a multidisciplinary approach in auditing. This combines with procedural knowledge and taxation skills. Audit interns work need to work well with others and be able to share their opinions and explain their work. They need to assist in making sure there is transparency in the financial statement provided by a client and manage risks involved.
    • kpmg internshipTax Internship – provides global experience to interns who will be trained to become a tax specialist. The training is very intensive. You will learn federal tax in accordance to the IRS rules, federal legislative regulatory, accounting methods and credit, global tax transformation, tax compliance, controversy and planning. This KPMG internship covers a wide range of responsibilities and will be great experience for the intern. Interns are expected to be professional and effective in their work.
    • Advisory Internship – handle and resolve business issues related to risk, revenues and costs. Students doing advisory internships are expected to help their clients identify and manage the risks of their business, provide strategies to reach business goals and advise on possible ways to increase revenues. The intern should possess strong analytical skills, dedication and passion for the work. Long work hours are to be expected even as an intern. The advisory intern must provide high quality services and maintain a professional image to maintain KPMG’s reputation.

    If you are daring, KPMG offers the Global Internship Program (GIP) that will give you a chance to work with professionals from around the world.

    KPMG Internship Salary

    KPMG internships are highly competitive not only because of the top-notch training, but also because high salary. No matter the program, interns can expect a big compensation package for the internship. KPMG also offers summer internships that usually last between 8 to 12 weeks.

    KPMG Internship Benefits

    As with any internship, interning at KPMG will provide the student with world-class training. Once you start, you will have access to training materials, seminars, workshops, and get a chance to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Meeting people and networking will be very helpful when you are looking for full-time work, so take advantage.

    The firm is a Big Four and will surely boost your resume. If you plan on doing any kind of finance work, a KPMG internship will open many doors for you in the future. The company is recognized globally.

    Every now and then, interns will be able to travel to meetings. The perks here are you get to travel, eat, and stay at nice hotels all at the firm’s expense.

    To understand why you should do a KPMG internship from the firm’s point of view, visit: Why a KPMG Internship?

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