• Barclays Internship

    Barclays Internship Overview

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    Barclays is a London-based, multinational bank that has been around for more than 300 years. It has around 50 branches worldwide that caters to its’ clients banking and financing needs. It offers career opportunities in corporate banking, retail and business banking, investment banking and wealth and investment management. These are also the areas from which students can choose internships from while they are still in school. Many of the more competitive Barclays internships pay well, but if you do an unpaid internship, school credit must be received.

    Barclays Internship Opportunities

    • Corporate Banking Internships – are for those who will be trained to handle client relations, product risk, operations, capital management, marketing, communications, human resources and technology. Barclays internship programs offered to corporate banking interns differ in what year they are in their field of studies or major. This position requires a goal-oriented and resourceful person who is competent. You have to be eager to share your innovative ideas.
    • Retail and Business Banking Internships – give training opportunities to work on dealing with business banking leadership, products, marketing, and human resources, marketing analysis, risk, technology, product and process development and finance.

    • barclays internshipInvestment Banking Internships – focuses primarily on finance, investment banking, event and road show marketing, operations, quantitative analysis, risk, sales, research, structuring, trading, technology as well as treasury. Investment banking internships are usually full-time during the summer. This Barclays internship pays well, usually around $25 an hour depending on your location. You will gain experience in one of the toughest industries and work long hours, but it will pay off.
    • Wealth and Investment Management Internships – offer training courses for its private banking unit. Interns will get a chance to learn how to manage wealthy clients’ assets and become licensed. It is important to learn all the different tools of investments as well as how to build rapport with your clients. Building a trusting relationship with your client is just as important as being smart at investing. You will learn all of this with this Barclays internship.

    Through Barclays internships, you will get a chance to participate in seminars, workshops and other training events. Barclays understands that many of the interns will go on to full-time job with the company, so providing training while they are still interns is key to the company’s success. Barclay internships can last anywhere between a few months during the summer, a full semester, and an entire school year.

    Barclays Internship Benefits

    Getting into a Barclays internship program is truly beneficial to the student. They are one of the worldwide leaders in banking. As you can see from their long history, they are good at it, too.

    In a tight economy, getting any edge against your competition is very important. With that said, having this experience on your resume will look great to potential future employers. Hiring managers in the industry knows very well about the reputation that Barclays has and the top-notch training the company offers.

    Be sure to apply for Barclays internships early. Recruitment for summer internships typically starts in the fall for the following summer. The interview last a few rounds and can be exhausting. Be sure to check out our Internship Interview Questions to tips.

     For more information about Barclay internships, please visit their website.