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    UBS Internship Description

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    UBS is a worldwide financial service company that offers asset management, investment banking and wealth management services to institutional, private and corporate clients all over the world. They are a global company with offices all over the world. UBS internship programs are offered to help you gain experience by working in a professional work environment.

    UBS internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students with a major in finance, math, economics, physical science or computer science. Summer associate internships are available mainly to MBA students. The UBS internship programs typically start with an orientation and training that help you gain an understanding of what they do and help you prepare to take on your role as an intern.

    UBS Internship Opportunities

    As an UBS intern, you will need to work in a specific business area and add value. You are expected to offer ideas and views and help in solving problems. Throughout the UBS internship, the supervisor oversees your work and gives feedback, so that you can develop and improve various skills.

    • Sophomore Symposium – It is a three day pre-internship program for sophomores. It gives you an opportunity to work in financial services industry and gain practical knowledge and experience by working with leading professionals. This would be a great stepping stone to a UBS internship.

    • Emerging Talent Program – This is UBS internship program offers sophomores and it lasts for four weeks. It provides you with an opportunity to get to know the culture of UBS and acquire skills and knowledge by participating in projects. This is a paid internship program that helps you enhance your knowledge about the financial industry. Think of this as a short class that will help you gain real experience.
    • UBS Summer Internship – this nine week summer internship program is offered to graduate students. The program aims to give you an opportunity to see how UBS employees work. You can get more realistic views of their culture, business and workplace environment. The program starts with an orientation and training program that lasts for three days. It prepares you to work with the team. Competition is stiff for these internships as they typically salary is about $25+ an hour.
    • Summer Associate Internship – Summer associate internships are offered to MBA students who are in their first or second year of study. As an intern, you need to work in a team on a wide range of projects. You can get several opportunities to take part in social events and educational seminars. By this point, you would have had at least a few years of work experience. UBS expect a lot from their summer associate interns. You will get a chance to work with more senior level professionals.

    Benefits of Doing UBS Internships

    UBS internships prepare you for a successful career at UBS or any other finance service company. You can get a chance to attend intensive training sessions that let you learn the skills needed to provide first hand contribution to your team. UBS is one of the companies that offer decent salaries to interns. In addition to getting good pay, you can also get an opportunity to participate in valuable educational seminars, networking and social events and training sessions. The internships help you develop core skills that essential to your future success. They let you meet exceptional people and work along with them. The work environment in UBS encourages you to develop your abilities. Your contribution will be recognized by top professionals and get exciting rewards.

    For more information, please visit the UBS website.

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