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    Magazine Internships - An Overview

    What are magazine internships? When people hear the phrase magazine internships, the first position that will probably come to mind would that be of writing internships. Yes, writing is one of the most important positions. However, there are many other equally important positions to be filled such as photography, fashion, web design, graphic design as well as market research.

    People who search for magazine internship positions may find ads posted on magazines itself, television ads, on the magazine’s website, or on the internet. Many highly established magazine companies post openings for paid and unpaid full-time or part-time internship programs for the whole period of summer or during a regular school semester.

    Types of Magazine Internships

    Photo Research Internship – will require photography major. Photo research interns are assigned to research on possible location shoots and preparation of props needed for a photo shoot. Taking pictures will not be a part of the tasks in the event of a photo shoot but working as an assistant to the official photographer. Aside from that, a photo research intern looks for possible clippings or photos to attach to a certain article to make it more interesting to read. This area will definitely help enhance one’s resourcefulness and excellent research skills. Magazine internships like these are vital to the success of publishers.

    Photography Internships – provide training opportunities for aspiring photographers who have a great eye for capturing moments. An intern will be trained to capture amazing pictures that related to a theme and for a certain article on a page of a magazine. Photo shoots will keep a photography intern on his toes, giving him more opportunity to hone his skills in eyeing and producing a great photo beyond the works of an expensive camera; and further provide opportunities of meeting photography professionals and rub elbows with some famous figures.

    Fashion Internships – make way for fashion majors who long to apply their ingenuity in choosing which clothes a model should wear for a particular photo shoot.  They are given the chance to express their artistic nature, sophistication and class or simplicity in putting things together for the sake of fashion and style. Their responsibilities do not depend on fashion shoots, they also work together with researchers in designing which themes and photos go well together for a certain topic in a magazine.

    Magazine Writing Internships – are good training grounds for journalism majors or aspiring writing enthusiasts who are not necessarily taught on how to write but are given the freedom to express their own viewpoints over issues and events they are supposed to write about.  They can do the researching tasks by themselves or the company can choose researchers and interviewers to work with them and provide them some additional input to support their article. Magazine internships are often paid and provide promotional benefits for the writer whose name may get published.

    Benefits of Magazine Internships

    Magazine internships are usually rewarding even when some positions aren’t paid. Obtaining internships for magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, O, and other famous names gives the opportunity of being mentored by highly trained professionals. You may even get a chance to meet famous people who may become connections for your career.  The whole internship experience not only provides learning but a wonderful personal experience on the part of the interns as well.

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