Summer Research Internship

Washington, DC

Application Deadline: Closed
Timeframe: 06/01/10 — 07/27/10

Howard University Description

NASA Grant Program Office:
2216 6th Street, Room 103
Washington, DC 20059
Contact Name/Phone/Email:
Mrs. Teria Powell
Office: 202 806 5172
Email: [email protected]

About the Program
The overall mission of the NASA University Research Center (URC) is to engage in basic weather, climate, and air quality research, train science and academic leaders (minority Ph.D.s), inspire and engage K-12 and undergraduate students through sustainable outreach programs and contribute to national and international climate research programs and networks. We seek to lead a transformation in atmospheric research and education by inspiring traditionally underrepresented groups.

If selected, you will receive a stipend, room and board, transportation, and meals.

The field research will be done at the Howard University Beltsville Facility, in Beltsville, MD and will require 40 hours per week.

Howard University 5 Full-time, Paid Responsibilities

During the program, Interns will research experimental design and data acquisition with state-of-the-art instruments. They will conduct analysis of data sets, numerical modeling as well as writing of research reports, and presenting findings at a research symposium. Examples of research projects include impacts of air pollution on ecosystems, lidar-based wind and water vapor remote sensing, cloud condensation characteristics of aerosols, and gas and aerosol transport in the atmospheric boundary layer, weather forecasting. Interns will have the opportunity to work with scientists from NASA, NOAA and other agency and may even be placed in the nearby NASA Gooddard Space Flight Center.

Howard University 5 Full-time, Paid Requirements

Requirements for the position are as follows:
• Applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident
• Currently enrolled in College
• 3.0 GPA
•Interest in the following fields:
- Physics
- Atmospheric Science
- Chemistry
- Electrical Engineering
- S.T.E.M. fields

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