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    Sports Psychology Internships Will Boost Your Portfolio

    While there are those who participate in sporting activities and make it a career, there are others who choose to stay close by to dig deeper so as to study the underlying factors of sporting games. These individuals make a career out of sports psychology. Formally, it refers to the study of how psychology impacts sports such as athletic performances, physical activities and exercise. A sports psychologist customarily works in an educational facility or with coaches and athletes to assist in enhancing their performances and to motivate them. By doing sports psychology internships, you will gain experience in these facets.

    Before branching out as a Sports Psychologist, many started off with an internship program. This has proven beneficial for many interns since they were greatly assisted in this area before being shipped off to face the cold world of work. These are some of the benefits these interns were able to derive by interning in the psychology of sporting area.

    1. They learnt things which they could not have learnt by reading sport psychology books.
    2. Many were provided with jobs after their sports psychology internship ended since companies offering externship programs normally hire their interns upon completion of their allotted hours.
    3. Interns learned to overcome the challenges accompanied by working along with coaches, athletes and even a team.
    4. Interns learned to assist athletes, footballers, basket ball players and others in coping with life’s anxieties and pressures from surrounding elements such as parents, coaches, their innate tendencies and even their countries.
    5. Interns learned the ways and wiles of motivating athletes and other participators when they are de-motivated.
    6. They were offered the opportunity to work with real individuals in the field.
    7. Develop skills at the entry level such as completing assessments and providing treatments based on assessments made.

    Companies Offering Sporting Psychology Internships

    • American Board of Sporting Psychology: This association provides psychical experience in Applied Sport Psychology and Clinical Sport Psychology, both remotely and in New York. It is expected that students enrolled in the internship program spend at least 20 hours per week in applied sport psychology.
    • Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP): This association was established in 1986. From its establishment, it was used to encourage students in developing ethical and scientific practices in the sport psychology field in order to equip them for work.
    • Velocity Sports Performance: At this facility, there are several sports psychology internships available for students. Whether they want to gain experience for the world of work or for completing a set number of credits, Velocity Sports Performance will assist in their development. Offered internship programs are highly educational and assures students of a time well spent interning in the field of sport performance or psychology.
    • Spectrum Sports Performances (SSP): This program literally helps students take information from the text books and apply it. Requirements to enroll in an entry level internship program at SSP includes being proficient in the study of Anatomy, excellent communication skills with an attention to detail and a commitment of 30 hours on a weekly basis.

    Sports psychology internships are becoming more available as this field gets more attention. Get yourself ahead of the competition by starting an internship soon and building the right connections. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be working for a professional athletic organization one day.