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    NATO Internships Overview

    NATO, which stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is an intergovernmental military alliance whose member states agree to mutual defense in case of any external attack. The organization was signed and founded on April 4, 1949 in the hopes of contributing to the security of the North Atlantic area, and has done so over the years and continues to do the same at present. With twenty eight member states, the combined military spending of NATO constitutes more than 70% of the world’s defense spending. According to the organization, its essential purpose is to “safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means”. NATO internships have been offered since the introduction of its internship program in 2004. The program aims to provide a small number of recent or current students with the opportunity to intern with the organization’s international staff at its headquarters in Brussels and in other NATO locations.

    Benefits of NATO Internships

    The organization calls for applications once per year in spring with two starting dates: March and September each year. These NATO internships last for about 6 months. A NATO intern receives many benefits upon working with the organization, ranging from monetary compensation to a one-of-a-kind working experience.  NATO offers paid internships, and students or recent graduates who have been successfully accepted to intern at NATO will receive a lump sum of about 800 Euros per month.

    The intern will also benefit by experiencing how to work and interact with coworkers in an international environment. They will have a sense of what it is like to work in an international organization from the inside and experience how the alliance operates.

    NATO is also a well-recognized name world-wide. If you get a chance to add a NATO internship to your resume, it will surely help you in future jobs. Employers will know that you interned at a very reputable organization and that you likely received top-notch experience.

    NATO Internship Opportunities

    NATO internships are offered based on a broad range of disciplines. Students or recent graduates of studies focusing on graphic design, aeronautics, and engineering have an opportunity to intern at the organization’s headquarters. In addition, former or current students of journalism, law enforcement, and sciences can also apply for these programs. The organization is especially interested in candidates who have knowledge of the Russian or Arabic language.

    NATO interns will be able to use his or her theoretical or technical knowledge through practical work assignments, helping NATO work towards the greater good and protection of the organization’s member countries.

    Other opportunities NATO internships provide:

    • NATO internships also provide interns with the opportunity to learn about the NATO community through actual interaction, thus enabling them to obtain a balanced view and a better understanding of the organization.
    • Interns will also be able to contribute to the creation of a more diverse workforce and in expanding the understanding of the organization in alliance countries.

    On top of this, interning at NATO will substantiate the intern’s curriculum vitae. Often after NATO internships, several interns are able to continue work for the organization as full-time employees. Many others also go on to work for other international organizations, using their experience at NATO as a foundation.

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