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    Description of Boeing Internships

    Boeing is the world’s top aircraft manufacturer and aerospace & defense contractor. According to Forbes Fortune 500, Boeing ranks #1 among aerospace and defense companies. The majority of its employees specialize in different fields of engineering such as electrical, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering. Other fields of specialization are that of information and systems analysis, technical design and others. Therefore, Boeing internships are available year-round. Most of the positions are engineering internships and require a background in engineering, computer science, or mathematics.

    Examples of Boeing Internships

    • Engineering Internships – these Boeing internships are usually for students majoring in electrical, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering. Engineering interns work under the direct supervision of more senior engineers. Tasks include engineering design, documentation and integration of systems. An engineering intern must be competent in the elements of materials and processes, structural design and analysis, mechanical aptitude, CAD and have good communication skills.
    • Information Technology Internships – this Boeing internship involves evaluating and resolving technical problems for defense systems laboratories. An information technology intern has to get in touch with customers, analyze and document problems encountered, analyze the main cause of a problem and research on possible solutions. An intern should have proficient communication and analysis skills.
    • Business Strategic Development Internships – requires interns to  focus on strategy and development, work on proposals received, do some research to help in the development of a proposal’s business aspect, prepare documentation and presentation of materials for the gate review process. A business strategic development intern should possess strong and proficient communication skills. They should be very flexible and be able to establish rapport among their colleagues.
    • Environmental Engineering Internships – interns in this field will need effective written and verbal communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. It is very important for an environmental engineering intern to have initiative, and possess both teamwork and leadership skills.
    • Flight Sciences Technology Internships – provide exposure to research and technology development activities.  A flight sciences technology intern will maintain the progress and corroboration of technologies for future Boeing programs. He or she has to attend to the flight group’s project needs.

    Benefits of Boeing Internships

    Boeing internships are offered year-round, including summer internships. There are many internship opportunities that will surely provide high quality training and background for those interested in working with Boeing. Also, many Boeing internships offer well-paid internships. Visit Boeing Careers for more information on Boeing Internships.

    Boeing is a prestigious company and anyone given an opportunity to work there will surely receive the best training. Interns will also get a chance to work with skilled mentors, learn a great deal, get exposure to the industry, get paid, and build great connections. If you are unable to get a job offer, you will still have potential recommendations, and at least have a well-recognized name on your resume.

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    By Diane Barlow