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    Amazon Internship Overview

    Amazon.com, Inc. is an American multinational electronic commerce company. By year 2011, Amazon was named the largest online retailer in the world. The company was named after the Amazon River, one of the largest rivers on earth. From an online bookstore, the company has evolved into selling almost anything that customers may want to buy online. The Amazon retail website today offers everything from toys, video games to MP3 downloads and much more. Being one of the top tech companies in the world, an Amazon internship would be a great opportunity to experience the exciting work environment and learn from the industry’s top talent.

    Amazon Internship Benefits

    As one of the largest online retail company, Amazon internships offer great benefits to their interns in terms of experience and payment. And for these, the company looks for exceptional students with the passion to provide high customer satisfaction. An Amazon internship can last for about three months with flexible start and end dates. It’s usually offered during summer but they do welcome interns who are interested in interning during the school year.

    Other Amazon.com internship benefits:

    • Corporate Housing
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Opportunities Nationwide

    Amazon’s internships are statistically one of the most competitive internships to get. They are one of the highest internship-paying companies. For example, they offer more than $5,500 a month for a software development intern. Thus, Amazon.com is a great place to earn while gaining both knowledge and experience.

    Amazon Internship Opportunities

    Amazon.com offers internships in various disciplines such as Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Operations Management, Facilities Management or Safety Management.

    They also offer internships in software development. Interns within this team shall deal with forecasting systems to recommendation technologies; from GUI development to database systems.

    Amazon software development interns are expected to:

    • Demonstrate strong fundamental knowledge of software design
    • code (C/C++, Java on UNIX platform)
    • relational databases
    • quality assurance
    • have engineering, computer science or math (or related technical discipline) concentrations

    These interns will be working under the company’s development team. Aside from enhancing the interns’ software development expertise, the company also responds to their interns’ essential and developmental needs.

    Other Information about Amazon Internships

    An Amazon internship will require students to work on meaningful projects. This means that the intern will have to provide high quality work, which will result in a better learning experience. To be able to better achieve this, interns will engage in mentorship programs based on their expertise or specializations. Interns share and get ideas from a group of experts within the company. Interaction is essential!

    Amazon internships will be challenging, but a better experience will be had by the intern. But surprisingly Amazon’s work culture spells out casual and easygoing. People work hard and always seem so busy with many things to do but amazingly always find time to relax and relieve stress. For interns, there are various activities in store for them. Official intern events such as dinner and trips are much enjoyed by interns during summer. So if you want a high-paying internship with amazing treats, become find an Amazon internship and help take the online shopping experience to a whole new level!

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    By Diane Barlow