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    Description of a Cisco Internship

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    When it comes to transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate, Cisco Systems is a well-recognized name. Cisco specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling products related to internet protocol (IP) based networking, telecommunications and information technology (IT). The US-based company offers services in transporting data, voice and video globally. It aims to address specific customer challenges and provides solutions that boost their success and enforces them to establish lifelong partnerships with Cisco. In 2012, Cisco reported annual revenues of $46 billion. A Cisco internship would be a great start to your career. Cisco focuses on creating unparalleled value and opportunities for their interns. They even offer their interns paid internships. Cisco internships are offered throughout the year and are for both undergraduates and graduates. The internships last for 12 to 18 months and are also offered as summer internships.

    List of Cisco Internships

    Every year Cisco offers the Cisco International Internship Program which allows top technology students from all over the world to gain industry experience in the US. Currently, various internship positions are listed on www.cisco.com under Graduate and Intern Career Programs. Internship opportunities are available in the following areas:

    • Sales
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Business Operations
    • Marketing
    • Information Technology

    Apart from the internship program, part-time opportunities are also available. Visit their website for more details.

    Benefits of a Cisco Internship

    Getting a Cisco internship would provide invaluable experience and boost your resume. Cisco is ranked 10th among the top 20 highest rated companies hiring interns.  They treat their interns like full-time employees and offer respectable stipends. Interning at Cisco can help you network with hiring managers and possibly land a job upon graduation. Because of their size, there is always interesting work for interns to do. You’ll get hands-on experience on Cisco devices and meet colleagues from top universities. Not only that, you will get a chance to attend workshops to improve your technical skills. A Cisco internship will surely prepare you for the working world. Also, interns may receive perks such as free movie tickets, lunches, train passes, and so on.

    Tips for Applying for a Cisco Internship

    Key points to address while applying for a Cisco internship are to include reasons why you want to work with Cisco, your skills, your interests, and your availability. Cisco also offers work opportunities in its services department that is responsible to architect the network as a platform.

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    By Diane Barlow