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    Google Internship Overview

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    Google Inc. or popularly called Google has grown enormously over the years since 1998. This world’s number one and most used search engine was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin. Its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The company has more than 30,000 brilliant employees in over 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the world. The company also hires 1,500 interns a year which makes them one of the companies that hire the highest number of interns. With the company’s reputation, Google internships are packed with countless opportunities and amazing benefits.

    Google Internship Benefits

    According to Glassdoor Jobs Report, Google is rated the best place to intern for two years in a row. The company hires smart and determined people. For the company, good grades are not enough. Google internships require ability over experience since interns won’t be treated as such. Interns are expected to help develop company’s products and contribute ideas among the company’s experts. Google internship programs are offered throughout the year. These internships start and end dates are flexible and interns are expected to spend three months of full-time work, typically in the summer.

    Not only do Google internships give students real time work but also big time benefits. Interns get paid about $6,000 a month. Google’s headquarter in Mountain View, California is home to the famous Google Campus. Here, interns enjoy free food, gym, and housing benefits. Google Campus is well-known for their friendly work environment and being able to keep their employees happy. Google interns at the Mountain View location will enjoy all of these benefits!

    Also, from internship to full-time employment, interns may become Googlers. Googlers is the term for Google’s talented employees. This internship experience is great for students who seek challenge and fun all at the same time.

    Google Internship Opportunities

    Google internships offered:

    • Non-Technical Internships: Interns will contribute to team-relevant projects
    • Technical Internships: Full-time positions. This internship accepts students from various disciplines such as computer science, electrical engineering, math and physics
    • MBA and Graduate Student Internships: Interns work with successful candidates to find project groups

    In the summer, non-technical interns deal with various challenges such as launching Google+, build personal development program for full-time employees, signing new customers for Google Offers, and teaching customers effective use on advertising products.

    Google internships in all three major fields in the company offer interns a pool of so much learning and challenges. Students with non-technical specializations such as Psychology or Art History may also enjoy these opportunities since the company offers Google internships in many various fields. Interns will be assigned to various locations across the globe. This gives interns the opportunity to meet other interns and share and get ideas in different perspectives.

    Other Google internship benefits include:

    • Google business seminars
    • Skill-building workshops and executive speakers
    • Mentoring: Googlers from across the company help interns gain favorable experience throughout the internship program.
    • Interact with peers through social activities, community building and networking.

    The company also offers regular talks to interns given by Googlers, learn about the company’s different products, and attend weekly company meetings to gain more ideas and information about the its procedures. As Google’s intern, you will be enjoying the company’s healthy, energetic and productive workplace.

    Google internships with all its benefits is very competitive. Interns undeniably get amazing experience. They are paid not only to help the company but also millions of people from around the world. By engaging in the company’s projects that matters, Google internships will provide you with a unique and engaging experience. Good luck on becoming one of the next Googler!

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    By Diane Barlow