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    Facebook Internship Description

    Facebook is the number one online social network and media company in the world. They have more than one billion users to date and are still growing strong. Facebook has gone from a small Harvard website into a multi billion dollar company with nearly 5000 employees. To keep up-to-date with the fast-moving industry, Facebook internships are offered to highly motivated students. Their programs last typically for 12 weeks and they have summer internships as well as year-long ones. Interns can expect to earn an attractive salary of $5,000 to $6,000 a month.

    Facebook Internship Opportunities

    This is a chance for undergrads and recent graduates to work for a company that has become a part of our everyday lives. There are positions available for full-time careers as well as internships for students still in school. For those who are still students, here is a list of Facebook internships:

    • Associate UX Researcher in Menlo Park, CA - This is a user interaction design research position which facilitates one on one sessions to gather information, social interaction with other participant and observe a behavioral pattern. You must have socials skill to work with other people mainly because this will help in most of your tasks. You will try to understand people’s attitude towards the technology and people’s interactions with one another. This will help Facebook design a better social platform for their users. Interns are responsible for assisting and facilitating research sessions, give insight and evaluate the product design. The Facebook intern will stir up opinions and ideas to assist in product development. They are responsible for conducting studies and research using qualitative and quantitative methods. Interns will also work with other departments to help in with other projects.
    • Product Design – you will assist in creating product designs during the development process. Also, you will come up with new innovations for news feed features. Product design interns will get involved in improving and designing visual concepts of projects. Interns are responsible for taking complex conceptual ideas to create useful, valuable and simple yet stylish designs for Facebook users. They take initiative in planning the project, and be objective in developing and improving the quality of designs. Interns are expected to work with product managers, engineers, researchers and content strategists to run and study the user experience in the projects.
    • UEX Researcher, Intern - This job is to improve and do research studies of the user experience in sharing and joining information, insights and opportunities in promoting the product cycle. UEX researchers will examine, perform research and studies with suitable methods to improve the business designs. Interns are responsible for conducting and collating data through user research on Facebook products cycle and experiences. They will analyze data performance with extensive studies using all kinds of methods to come up with helpful insights. They will be working with product design team, product management and engineering to combine all ideas and research. Their goal is to illustrate the impact and changes of the product cycle based on their studies.
    • Platform Support Engineer Intern - Platform support engineer interns will work to make sure the Platform technologies and resources are managed and stable. Facebook developers use it to understand advantages, growth, concepts and solutions. The responsibility for this job is to guarantee the stability of the application programming interface and platform along with reporting. Interns will be responsible for debugging, workarounds and come up the correct sample codes and documentation.
    • Business Operations, Intern – Facebook seeks candidates that have backgrounds in business and statistics with an understanding of e-commerce and advertising. This will involve projects in understanding and predicting what Facebook users are doing to determine any trends. These Facebook internship require students to come up with, organize and make statistical studies of user behavior related to money trends.  The intern will also draw conclusions for other business opportunities in the future.
    • Business Analytics, Intern – This focuses on data analysis to determine business impacts on Facebook. Mainly the interns will use data to identify and report plausible business insights. They will be working with engineers and operations in creating business rules and decisions. This Facebook internship analyzes business processes and also helps the company see where they can improve on.
    • Hardware Test Engineer, Intern - The job requires testing to validate and maximize the performance of their data centers, hardware servers and infrastructure. Interns will improve the operation and deliver innovative services to Facebook users. Interns will be working along with server and datacenter engineering design teams. They will execute test plans, optimize  hardware, and thermal and mechanical server hardware testing. The intern will develop, publish and communicate test results with team members to see if there are component failures in their server hardware.
    • Power Validation Engineer – Facebook is in need of a Power Validation Engineer to work and learn more about their power efficiency and hardware architecture in the industry. Interns will be working with power, server, and data center engineering design teams. They will help in designing, optimizing and testing their hardware power devices. Interns will learn about Facebook’s power interface and system architecture. They also assist in validating and keeping a procedural record in testing their hardware servers. This Facebook internship gets hands-on experience with diagnosing, testing, and dealing with hardware.

    To learn more about Facebook internship opportunities that are currently available, please visit: More info on Facebook internships.

    Facebook Internship Benefits

    There are many perks to doing a Facebook internship. The vibe and energy of the company is that of start-up company. Many of your colleagues will be young professionals and have lots of knowledge of the industry. As an intern, you will get a chance to attend seminars, workshops, and learn from your peers, managers, and directors. The company feels like a campus and there are game rooms, cafeterias, gyms, catered food, sponsored events, etc. You will have all the amenities imagineable to make your Facebook internship as pleasing as possible.

    Facebook has become part of people’s lives all over the world. People check it when they’re eating, before they sleep, at work, and pretty much anywhere you can think of. By interning at Facebook, you will be contributing to a company that affects so many people. With a reputation like that, Facebook will look great on your resume and future employers will be lining up to hire you. Employers understand that Facebook provides world-class training to their employees and that they only hire the brightest minds. As the company continues to grow, so will you and your compensation! Facebook internships are a great place to start your career!

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    By Diane Barlow