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    Public Health Internships – An Overview

    Public health internships
    provide on-the-job training tailored for those who are majoring mainly in public health, social services, and other medical related degree. The scope of internships in public health is vast and can include research, analytics, medicine, and administration to name a few. Organizations where you can obtain public health internships vary in size. There are worldwide, nationwide and other local organizations where these internships may be offered like the WHO (World Health Organization) for instance.

    Public Health Internship Opportunities

    Clinical Researcher Internships – are for those who are focused on finding whether medicines, medical instruments or devices, and medical treatments and procedures are safe to use. They are further trained to collect necessary data to prove if these are of use in real world situations. It has a tasking responsibility that could possibly take much of an intern’s time even just by researching. An intern’s skills in determining the safety and efficiency of medical necessities are enhanced upon performing this kind of internship.

    Public Analyst Internships – usually involves gathering of data regarding the common health issues as well as contributing factors of rising health problems. These public health internships allow students to analyze data gathered to help solve health-related issues in a community they are assigned to. This internship addresses the needs of the people in a community so that they can come up with a plan and strategy that they will eventually apply to assist people in living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

    Nutrition or Dietary Internships – are suited for those who have majored specifically in this field. Interns are honed to become skilled at identifying the kind of food and diet suitable for a community based on the gathered data about their health concerns. They are trained to provide information and even design programs on the proper diet and nutrition needed by people to acquire healthy minds and bodies.

    Wellness Coordinator Internships - provide training intended for those who are supposed to apply the plans and facilitate the programs designed by the nutritionist or dietician. These public health advocates reach out to communities to help them learn more on how to live a healthy lifestyle. This kind of training gives public health interns a chance to closely interact with the people in a community.

    Benefits of Public Health Internships

    The great thing about public health internships is that it gives a sense of fulfilment despite going through a tasking internship period. It makes an intern realize how lucky he or she is to have been gifted with a good life and being able to share what he has to those less fortunate.

    Other benefits include possible travel opportunities to other countries. Anyone doing public health internships will get to work with experts and leaders in a very important industry.

    Other Information about Public Health Internships

    Public health internships are normally low income communities. The interns may be expected to work beyond working hours due to so unpredictable needs at times. Public health internships are generally unpaid due to the nature of the work.

    A great place to learn more about a potential career in public health, please visit the World Federation of Public Health Associates (WFPHA). They also have an internship section for those interested in interning with this organization.

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