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    Psychology Internships – An Overview

    Psychology internships
    are designed for students pursuing clinical or counseling psychology degree programs. The internships prepare the students for practicing as a professional psychologist in future.

    Psychology internship programs are offered by medical schools and psychology and psychiatry departments in universities. Internship offers clinical psychology training in general and health psychology.  General psychology internship focuses on adult outpatient services, which include assessing and consulting with the patients and family members. Health psychology focuses on both in-patient and outpatient behavioral health services for both child and adult patients. You are allowed to choose the area of specialization, according to your interest and career focus.

    Internship programs offered for students pursuing doctorate degree in psychology focus on specialized areas, including clinical neuropsychology and pediatric psychology. The aim of internship programs is to train prospective psychologists to achieve a high level of professionalism in the field of psychology. As a psychology intern, you can learn to apply scientific knowledge to human behavior. The internships help develop proficiency in the basic areas of clinical psychology, which include assessment, therapy, research and consultation.  You can learn how to develop the right attitudes for ongoing professional development.

    As an intern, you will need to work with in-patients whose problems include a wide range of severe pathology. You will be involved in the establishment of appropriate treatment goals. You will need to maintain continual contact with the patients assigned to you and evaluate their clinical status. You will be expected to communicate with the clinical staff continuously and conduct research in a manner that complies with the applicable ethical and professional practice.

    Generally, psychology internships last for a year. The programs are offered as full time training. Part time internships are usually not offered.  The average salary received by psychology interns is $21,500 per year.

    Organizations Offering Psychology Internships

    • College of Public Health and Health Professionals, University of Florida offers psychology internships, which offer training in general psychology skills. The college is integrated into the Shands Hospital and has relationships with many physicians, physical therapists and nurses. Graduate students who have good standing in an APA approved clinical or counseling psychology program can apply for this internship program.
    • Brown Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior offers psychology internships for graduate students who have fulfilled the eligibility requirements of a doctoral degree in psychology.
    • The Department of Psychiatry in the University of Wisconsin offers psychology internship in general psychology and health psychology. The program aims to help the students to become competent in professional and ethical practices of psychology, develop diagnostic skills and acquire knowledge and experience in psychotherapeutic intervention.

    Benefits of Doing Psychology Internships

    Psychology internships help you develop professional interpersonal behavior and learn how to use positive coping strategies. As an intern, you need to work along with senior psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and nurses and this can help you gain experience and knowledge to become a highly effective clinician. You can develop and enhance your assessment and consultation skills and intervention skills. Internship program provides you with an opportunity to work in an inpatient unit, where you can learn about various medications and start gaining an understanding of their use.

    For more information on psychology internships, please visit: Careers in Psychology.

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