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    Dietetic Internships – An Overview

    Dietetic internships should be completed by graduates in nutritional science dietetics to become a registered dietician.  Universities, medical schools and hospitals accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) offer dietetic internships.

    Dietetic internship programs are designed to offer the students first hand experience to meet the eligibility requirements to practice as a registered dietician. The program offers exposure to various opportunities and career options in this field. As a dietetic intern, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to fulfill the entry level performance requirements of a dietician. You will get opportunities to put what you have learned in theory into practice and get the right guidance to meet challenges in your future career.

    As a dietetic intern, you will need to perform nutritional assessments, plan and assess dietary care, develop learning materials for patients and educate individuals as well as groups about nutrition. You will be expected to assess nutrition resources and research on nutrition issues.

    The internship program prepares you to become a qualified entry level Registered Dietician. You will learn skills that can be applied to a wide variety of settings.  You will also need to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to help clients and patients to improve the dietary intake and overall health.

    As a dietetic intern, you will need to work under the supervision of registered dieticians, nutritionists and other professionals. You are expected to engage in practical activities and participate actively in a dietetic setting, which includes hospitals, health centers, food banks, childcare organizations, social services, clinics, food services and eldercare organizations. Dietetic internship programs will expose you to wide spectrum of employment opportunities, which include administration, community, clinical and nontraditional jobs.  You will need to do projects or case students and participate in developmental activities and educational classes.

    Dietetic internships usually include one full semester of coursework and six months of supervised practice. Some organizations allow you to complete internship on a full time or part time basis. Dietetic internships are not paid internships. In fact, most of them require you to pay an enrollment fee.

    Organizations Offering Dietetic Internships

    • NYC Steinhardt offers dietetic internships to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge required to practice as a registered dietician. The program prepares you to become a competent dietician by providing with knowledge in performing and supervising nutrition assessment and planning and valuating nutritional care.
    • San Jose State University offers dietetic internships, which help you get hands-on experience in a wide variety of setting, including food service, clinics, hospitals and health centers. At the end of the internship, you will be able to fulfill the professional practice requirements, perform the nutrition care process in individuals and groups, and integrate research and scientific information into practice.
    • San Diego Medical Center offers dietetic internship program, which provides practical experience to interns on food service management, community nutrition, and clinical nutrition.

    Benefits of Dietetic Internships

    Completing a dietetic internship lets you become eligible for take the Registration examination for dieticians. The internship provides you with practice experience, which will prepare you to become a complete dietician. It helps you develop a range of skills, including interpersonal skills, organizational, communication, stress management and time management skills. Successful completion of the internship helps you get a wide variety of employment opportunities.

    The experience you will gain doing a dietetic internship will really help you become successful. Many skills and knowledge learned in this field are from hands-on training. With this internship, you will better prepare yourself to succeed in a growing industry. Good luck on the start of you career!

    For a listing of current opportunities, please visit www.indeed.com.

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