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    Chemistry internships are directed towards students who take courses in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry and other similar fields. This type of internship is very crucial because this subject deals with jobs that require so much attention and attentiveness. One mistake could be deadly or could lead to consequences.

    Unlike other internships, chemistry internships could either be hands on work or could be a teaching position. There are a lot of options to apply what you have studied in college. The opportunities could range from being a researcher, training and education, and laboratory/field work. There are a lot of areas to be explored depending on the specific interest. Some companies offer paid internships which depend on the extent of the work to be performed.

    Benefits of Doing a Chemistry Internship

    Benefits of doing chemistry internships are gaining actual experience when it comes to the field and directly applying the knowledge gained in college to actual work situations. For a course involving so much computations and analysis, nothing relates this knowledge in real life than having an actual experience related to the field. Most chemistry and life science jobs require much practice and hands on experiences to nurture the skills learned. This kind of internship would serve as a training ground for real life situations that were once only read in books.

    Companies Offering Chemistry Internships

    Here are some US companies that provide Chemistry related internships:

    • Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research - This is a nonprofit company that aims to educate people with different health related issues. They also perform medical research that would be beneficial for people. Their philosophy is “the needs of the patients come first.” Students can find internship opportunities here that are related to medical research and medical services. Their internship program is ideal for those who are interested with breakthroughs in medicine, customer service and medical services.
    • Albert Einstein College of Medicine - This is located in Bronx, New York. They provide students an opportunity to work for a well known facility that caters to different research and laboratory activities. Interns have the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops in crucial topics in medicine and science.  Besides the work and education related activities, the college also provides social activities that would make the students more comfortable and excited to learn.

    It is crucial for college students to choose the appropriate chemistry internship. The right job description and skills match are some considerations. Always make sure that the position being applied for is something you would love and enjoy doing. Be mindful that chemistry and most specially, life sciences related internships require a keen mind and attention to detail.

    Never jump into an internship without weighing options and making sure the job suits you. The internship affects your future work related decisions. With that said, chemistry internships are excellent to give your career that much needed stepping stone to break into the industry.