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    Biology Internships – An Overview

    Biology is the study of life and the many varieties of living organisms. A degree in biology provides diverse ways to apply science in various work fields. A biology internship is the best way to give worth to your biology degree. Biology internships are offered in many different fields. For example, the biomedical field, naturalist field, industry field and maritime field. Many universities offer bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in biology.

    Benefits of Biology Internships

    Biology internships fill the gap of specialized training and job experience which lack in traditional biology departments. During the internship, biology students are provided with challenging opportunities for learning and growth. Students will get a chance to apply classroom knowledge to real world scenarios. Biology is all about exploring and an internship in this field furnishes research skills. Also, career interest in specific field of biology can be determined by doing an internship before graduation. This helps the students pinpoint goals and further continue studies in their area of interest.

    List of Biology Internships

    Below are examples of fantastic biology internships:

    • Institute for Systems Biology is a prestigious research institution. This non-profit organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. The primary goal of this institution to study thoroughly on biological systems. It is one of the top ten places that are best to work in academia according to The Scientist magazine. The Institute for Systems Biology offers well-structured biology internships each summer for high school and undergraduate students. Interested students should check their website every January if you’re interested in doing summer biology internships.
    • Dow AgroSciences, based in Indiana, United States, provides biotechnology solutions in addition to agricultural chemicals. The company began its operations as The Dow Chemical Company in 1897. It offers numerous positions for students aspiring to attend a summer internships in biology. The program lasts for 4 months and includes several research and development opportunities.
    • Biotechnology Industry Organization, situated in Washington D.C., is considered to be the largest association of biotechnology trade. The company aims at improving health conditions of the people and developing safe and better resources of energy. The company offers the BIO Internship Programs, the applications of which can be emailed to the HR department.
    • Bio-Rad Laboratories, since 1952, have been contributing towards innovative advancement in the field of life science. The company provides tools for research and clinical diagnosis and is based in Hercules, California. The customers of Bio-Rad include hospitals, research centers, pharmacies and academic institutions from all over the world. Biology summer internships are offered to students to train them on state of the art equipment and facilities. The biology internships are paid and are offered in biochemistry and microbiology.
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in providing services for scientific research and advancement. It has opened a Molecular Biology Center in Vilnius, Lithuania. The center aims to develop and manufacture quality products for life science applications. A series of biology internships are offered to students so that they can gain practical experience in molecular, protein and cellular biology products.

    Another great place to check for biology internships is at your school’s biology department. Often times, biology professors will offer internships to their students to do research.

    To find biology internships in your area, be sure to heck out Indeed.com, Monster.com, or Careerbuilder.com.

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