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    Physical Therapy Internships – An Overview

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    Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, deals with the treatment of impairments and disabilities by using physical remedies. Physical therapists use massage, heat treatment and exercise methods instead of drugs to provide cure. It is a healthcare profession and aims at improving functional activities and the quality of life of people. Many leading institutions all over the world award Master of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees to students who aspire to build their career in this field. While you’re in school, a great start to your career should be through physical therapy internships.

    Benefits of Physical Therapy Internships

    The physical therapy interns get to deal with patients face to face, treat them along with their supervisors and observe the improvement in their lives. The act of making a difference in the life of the injured makes the interns feel pride in their work. Watching patients regain the ability to walk and perform their daily activities normally brings a feeling of satisfaction. Getting a chance to work alongside an actual physical therapist will provide valuable insight into the field. You will get a chance to see the method in which the physical therapist diagnoses an injury and the plan of action to heal it. Physical therapy internships are a way to see what the career is like first-handed.

    List of Physical Therapy Internships

    • U.S. Physical Therapy owns 400 clinics in 43 states across the U.S. The clinics provide healthcare services for the treatment of orthopedic-related disorders and sports-related injuries. The company is based in Texas and offers part time physical therapy internships. Students seeking internships at U.S. Physical Therapy are required to contact the company directly.
    • RehabCare is the top competitor to U.S. Physical Therapy. It is one of the leading rehabilitation services providers. The company believes in transforming lives by providing unmatched physical, occupational and speech-language therapy services. RehabCare provides best clinical internship experience where interns get to develop their skills as therapists. To remain updated about physical internship opportunities, the students are required to stay in touch with the clinical education coordinator of their school.
    • Physiotherapy Associates comprises of world class clinicians and practitioners. The company is based in Pennsylvania, United States and operates in 35 states through 700 clinics. It provides outpatient rehabilitation, orthotics and prosthetics services. Student Affiliation Programs are available for students and new grads to gain first-hand experience of physiotherapy.
    • Select Medical Holdings Corporation provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Pennsylvania. Since its founding, the company has been providing superior quality services to the patients. Physical therapy internships are offered throughout the year at various locations. Select Medical also offers a 12-week summer internships every year.
    • HealthSouth Corporation is one of the largest rehabilitation services providers in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and is known to provide the best quality inpatient rehabilitation services. It provides treatment of neurological disorders, orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, brain and spinal cord injury, and amputations. The company offers summer internships in physical therapy.
    • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago occupies first position in rehabilitation hospitals in America. The hospital was founded in 1954 and has earned worldwide reputation in providing rehabilitation and physical therapy services. Therapeutic Recreation Field Placement Internship Programs are offered to physical therapy students.

    For a list of physical therapy internships near you, please visit Indeed, Monster, and/or Careerbuilder.

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