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    Do you want to pursue your career in phlebotomy and become a successful phlebotomist? Then you need to take up phlebotomy internships. If you want to practice in this field, then you need to get registered with one of the top schools that offer internships. The task of phlebotomists is quite interesting. They perform tasks such as collecting blood samples from patient and setting the sample aside for analysis, and recording lab results in the computer system. Most hospitals, laboratories, and health care service centers need the help of phlebotomists. They are a valued member of medical team. Without proper training in this field, it is difficult to be successful.

    There are different ways of getting trained to become a phlebotomist. The training method and the duration vary from one school to another. The basic course will be for six weeks and you get certified to join as a phlebotomist in any one of the reputed hospitals, clinics, labs and health care centers.

    Schools that Offer Phlebotomy Internships

    Tender Care Training Center

    Tender Care Training Center located in Georgia train people who are interested in becoming nurse aids and phlebotomists. The students are offered with ever changing and challenging health care environment. Proper training is given to the students to make them confident to take up any task in medical setting. The basic foundation offered by the centre is so strong that a student can enter medical setting with complete confidence. There are coordinators who guide the students in their phlebotomy internship program and assign them with clinical rotation. They make sure that the student has thorough understanding of all the practices in the phlebotomy field. If a student is not confident in taking up the task, then he or she is given additional hours to practice with artificial arms.

    Intermountain Healthcare

    Intermountain Healthcare is quite popular among students who want to pursue a career in phlebotomy. The duration of the phlebotomy internship program varies depending on the specialization; mostly it will be six weeks. The healthcare centre offers confidential, caring and comfortable environment for the students so that they gain confidence. Those who wante to take this internship program should be more than 18 years of age, should have high school diploma, and should have the ability to write, read and speak English. While the classes are held in Intermountain service centre in Salt Lake City, practice sessions are held at LDS Hospital, Alta View Hospital, Riverton Hospital, Intermountain Medical Centre and The Orthopedic Speciality Hospital.

    Institute of Medical Careers

    Institute of Medical Careers also offers phlebotomy internships. The program offers classroom training as well as laboratory training which is essential for phlebotomist. They also offer opportunities to practice skills in a medical setting. This practice session will be carried out with professional supervision. They make sure that students who join this program are above 18 years of age and have all the immunizations done. Students will be trained in physiology, anatomy, medical laws and ethics and medical terminology. The students get hands on experience in their fully equipped labs. They will be trained in how to organize blood samples in the blood drawing trays, sterilizing equipments and taking inventories.

    By doing phlebotomy internships, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. The skills and experience you gain will help you obtain a higher pay and increase your chances of permanent work.

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