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    NBC Internships - Description

    NBC, short for the National Broadcasting Company, is a multinational media and entertainment corporation operating diverse television networks. The company is based in New York City, United States and its coverage reaches to global audience in more than 100 countries. With this reputation, NBC internships are a great way of launching your career in the television industry.

    NBC is known as the oldest broadcasting network in the United States. It was founded in 1926 as a radio network by Radio Corporation of America and evolved into a television network in 1940. Since its foundation, NBC is a standard setter in technology and programming. The company owns NBC Television Network, NBC Television Stations Division, CNBC, The History Channel and telecasts children’s programs and sports news also. Over 7,000 people all over the world work as trusted employees of NBC. It has stood for quality and has received more Emmy Awards than any other network. Thanks to their employees, NBC has such a rich history. Therefore, NBC provides learning opportunities to students and considers internships as an important part of their recruiting process. Paid summer internships are offered to undergrad students. Usually, interested students are required to be available for at least 3 days per week for part-time or full-time.

    Benefits of NBC Internships

    If you want real world experience in the media and entertainment industry, then apply for the NBC summer internship program. Development, production, and marketing of entertainment are the areas of focus. Working at NBC lets you build incomparable professional networks and will help you reach your career goals. The opportunity to work for one of the biggest media industries will help your resume stand out.

    To boost morale of the interns, NBC arranges meetings with executives in all departments. Here, interns are briefed on how these people got to where they are today. This will not only provide insight on how to become successful in the industry, but also give you motivation and have a professional role model. It is always important to stay motivated in your career goals, and an NBC internship will keep you in check. Many of the staff at NBC have been in the industry for a long time and would be more than happy to share their experience. They know their work thoroughly and are always ready to help interns with their problems or challenges.

    The interns are relied on for the completion of the projects. This develops a sense of commitment to their work. NBC provides a productive and friendly environment to their interns. Challenging tasks are assigned and the interns try to complete them diligently. Interns gain actual experience in engineering, emerging media technology, global television and film technical operations, and corporate information technology at NBC.

    Opportunities for NBC Internships

    NBC internship opportunities are offered in the following categories:

    The following internships were recently available at the NBC website:

    • East and west Coast Internships
    • Internships at Local TV Stations
    • Operations and Technical Services Summer Internship
    • Cable News Networks Internships
    • Emma Bowen Foundation Internship Program

    For more information on NBC internships and deadlines, please visit: NBC Careers - Internships.

    Other Information about NBC Internships

    The Golden Globe Awards, which is known to be film industry’s second most important award ceremony, is telecasted on NBC. NBC.com was the first ever web launch of any television network and they are said to be the pioneer in web broadcasting. Currently, NBC is adopting cutting-edge technologies and acquiring new programming to build more viewership.

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