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    CNN Internships - Description

    CNN, the Cable News Network is an American news network founded by media mogul, Ted Turner. Given their great reputation, a CNN internship would provide good experience for students. Student interns with background in broadcast journalism, video journalism and mass communication may be interested in working for CNN. CNN internships normally involve tasks such as researching, writing, news casting, field reporting, directing and video recording.

    Depending on the department you’re interning for, you may be required to work on weekends and/or holidays for special events. You may need to attend events such as sport games and festivals. Most interns need to be well-informed and stay up-to-date with current events.

    Examples of CNN Internships

    CNN offers many internship opportunities, but below is two of the more popular internships:

    • cnn internshipsVideo Journalist Internships – this is typically a full-time internship. A video journalist intern should be good at multi-tasking to be able to perform tasks such as script distribution for on-air broadcasts (live broadcasts), floor directing, operating the teleprompter as well as production support. The good thing about being a video journalist intern is that it provides a lot of exposure to different fields like media coordination, video editing, writing, assignment editing, producing, and many others. This CNN internship will allow students to meet professionals from all of the above mentioned areas and learn from them.
    • Broadcast Journalist Internships – is for journalism majors who want to land a job in the newsroom as a field reporter or a news anchor.  A broadcast journalist intern should not expect to be trained right away for news casting or field reporting. The tasks normally assigned to this intern are that of answering phone calls, logging videotapes, transcribing recorded interviews word for word, printing scripts for news anchors, operating the teleprompter and assisting the news anchor while on-air and other clerical tasks. However, the broadcast journalist intern may also be given training in researching for news, doing interviews, field reporting and news casting. This CNN internship will be a great start to a career as reporter or news anchor.

    Typical Salary of CNN Internships

    Like with many other television networks, CNN internships are typically not paid. Students will be required to receive school credit while interning at CNN. CNN internships are often very tasking and exhausting. But at the end of the internship, the student may be offered a job. If not, CNN is a highly reputable company, and will surely boost your resume.

    Benefits of CNN Internships

    Being given the opportunity to train and intern for one of the world’s most famous news network is a great privilege. No matter how tedious the tasks for certain positions are, CNN internships will help you learn all the necessary skills to become knowledgeable and proficient in the chosen field. You will get a chance to apply what you learned in school and gain exposure in the real world. Even if you are not offered a job after you graduate, you expand your network of professionals and may get recommendations.

    For more information about CNN internships that are available, please visit their About page or Turner Careers. Here, you will also find opportunities with other networks owned by Ted Turner.

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    By Diane Barlow