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    ABC Internships - Description

    ABC, the American Broadcasting Company, mainly operates as an American television and radio network. ABC internships are offered to students who can think outside the box.  ABC internships are paid and are offered for 3 to 5 months including full time and part time programs. Summer internships are also offered and typically last for 3 months.

    The current owner of ABC is The Walt Disney Company group. The network was created in 1943 and is headquartered in New York City. It has dominated U.S. television ever since its existence and is among the Big Three television networks. Following Rede Globo in Brazil, the American Broadcasting Company is the world’s largest network. Broadcast programming is provided to various stations in the United States through ABC. Broadcasting and provision of programming are ABC’s core business.

    Examples of ABC Internships

    The following programs are offered at ABC:

    • Year-round internships (16-20 hours a week during school and full-time during summer and spring break)
    • Summer internships (2-3 months during summer holidays)
    • Semester-long internships (part-time or full-time during spring or fall)

    Students can apply for internships in the following categories:

    Benefits of ABC Internships

    ABC internships are highly rewarding in terms of your technical and personal growth. You get hands-on, real work experience to develop skills you learned in school. You are given full control over the projects and are expected to deliver results that can make an impression. You will meet industry leaders and get to learn cutting-edge skills that will bring out the best in you. Working at a well-known company, you can surely jump start your career with an internship at ABC. You can also find pride in being part of a company that provides entertainment to millions of viewers.

    Interns at ABC will be challenged with complex and technology-related projects to improve their analytical skills. To aid the learning process, seminars, workshops and training sessions are offered to the interns. The collaborative work culture makes you feel like you’re part of a family with supportive and passionate leaders.

    For more information regarding openings in your area, please visit their website: ABC Jobs.

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    By Diane Barlow