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    Overview of Aerospace Engineering Internships

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    Aerospace engineering internships provide great opportunities for students who are interested planes and how they work. An internship is a great way to bridge the gap between your school work and the professional world. Aerospace engineering internships are really fantastic because they allow you to develop and increase your experience from experts in your field. There are lots of questions that students have about this lucrative field and we will explain as much info as possible.

    Aerospace Engineering Internship Requirements

    If you want to have a career in the tough but exciting field of aerospace engineering, then you are demanded a great deal of manual, mechanical and technical skills, along with some hard work and grit. In general, these internships are carried out in special teams under the supervision of senior engineers.

    Interns will gain real hands-on experience with new technologies in their development stage in the field of space exploration, aviation, as well as defense systems. The intern will get a chance to learn more about construction, designing, testing, development, operation and maintenance of military, commercial, satellite, spacecraft, missiles and various other exciting technologies.

    Generally, companies are looking for students who major in engineering, engineering technologies, computer science, mathematics or business.

    There are also many skills that you do need to have in order to get an internship. You need to understand the importance of teamwork and have a strong grasp in one or more of the following disciplines:

    • Mathematics, which includes statistics
    • Engineering science fundamentals
    • Information technology (advanced)
    • Physical and life sciences
    • Economics
    • Business
    • Manufacturing or design process

    Potential interns also need to have the ability to think creatively and critically, be able to work cooperatively and also independently. You are also required to have a great ability to adapt to sudden changes, have the desire for continuous learning and improvement, impeccable communication skills and high ethical standards.

    Additional Aerospace Engineering Opportunities

    The great thing about doing aerospace engineering internships is that the skills you develop are applicable in many other fields. Some of the more common examples include:

    • Industrial engineers
    • Electrical engineers
    • Computer engineers
    • Mechanical engineers
    • Systems engineers
    • Information systems analyst
    • Technical engineers
    • Database administrators
    • Systems programmers
    • Network designers
    • Procurement analyst
    • Market analyst
    • Budget analyst
    • Business systems analyst

    Salary Information for Aerospace Engineers

    A survey, which was done by Intern Bridge, a college internship service, found that aerospace engineer interns earn around $17.49 an hour. Just like any other job, your location may change this. For example, if you want to become an intern in Maryland, then you can earn an average of $14.79 an hour, $11.89 in Kansas, $16.93 in Massachusetts, $17.29 in California and a very decent $25.70 an hour in Alaska.

    As with any high paying job, internships in aerospace engineering are very competitive. A lot of what you learn in school will be directly applicable to what you do as a professional. Your coursework combined with information you learned here will get you that much closer to your internship.

    Additional information about aerospace engineering can be found here.

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