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    Biomedical engineering is a growing field that involves applying engineering principles and concepts to the medical field. It combines engineering with medical science to create state of the art medical equipment, which ensures better health care diagnosis and treatment. This is a newer field and has gained quite a reputation. Biomedical engineering internships provide you with an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in a growing industry.

    Description of Biomedical Engineering Internships

    Biomedical engineering internships are offered to undergraduate students and they usually last for 6 to 10 weeks. As an intern, you will be required to participate in high-tech biomedical research projects. You will get a chance to work under world class scientists.

    Some biomedical engineering internship programs require you to perform medical equipment evaluations to determine their safety. You may also need to provide technical support in the design and development of hospital machinery. You may need to examine new medical procedures and perform research along with senior scientists and engineers.

    Biomedical engineering internships may require you to support developmental projects and support development and maintenance of project documents. You may be required to investigate anomalies in biomedical equipment and determine steps to rectify the mistakes and reproduce them. You may need to give your support to the processes, from designing to manufacturing and ensure that the procedures are in compliance to the quality standards set by the company. You may also be required to contribute to the completion of biomedical projects.

    Biomedical engineering internships are one of the highly paid internship programs. On an average, you can get around $5,000 for a 10 week internship program.

    Examples of Companies Offering Biomedical Engineering internships

    Companies engaging in designing and developing biomedical equipment and supplies offer internship programs in the biomedical engineering field. Both summer internships and school year internships are available.

    • The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering is a major institution offering summer internships in this field. Students who are pursuing undergraduate study in biomedical engineering discipline are eligible to apply for this program. Please visit their website for more information on internships: NIBIB.
    • Mayo Clinic offers internship programs for those who have completed two years of biomedical engineering curriculum.

    Benefits of Biomedical Engineering Internships

    Biomedical engineering internship programs offer a high level of skill and on-the-job experience. You can gain excellent aptitude and a thorough knowledge of medical equipment. Internships also help develop your communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

    Biomedical engineering internship programs offered by reputable institutions provide you with a chance to work on cutting edge research projects. You can work along with senior scientists and gain great knowledge and experience. You can develop contacts and get references, which can help you in getting a good job in the future. Biomedical engineering is a specialized area and internships in this field are highly valued by employers. Internships help you to develop, track and deliver tasks on time and on budget. You can also gain experience in the development of medical devices. Completing an internship program will surely add value to your resume.

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    By Diane Barlow