Web UI Developer Internship

395 Page Mill

Application Deadline: Closed
Position: Full-time, Paid

jurispect Description

We are Jurispect-a legal intelligence platform startup. We are trying to bring about a paradigm shift in how legal data from various sources are curated, intelligently analyzed, and visualized. We also provide a collaboration and workflow platforms for legal teams and analysts.

We are using a number of modern (cutting-edge) opensource technologies to achieve our vision. We are looking for interns that are familiar with modern web technologies such as NodeJS, AngularJS, and various templating/layout platforms such as Jade. A relatively good command of backend (server-side) systems is also helpful.

jurispect Full-time, Paid Responsibilities

You will be joining an exciting and smart startup team where the daily requirements are being creative, fun, and hard-working. You will be programming on a web application that will be accessed and used by thousands of users. You are going to be challenged to push the borders of complex and responsive UI development.

jurispect Full-time, Paid Requirements

Must have's

- Web Application Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

- Server-side development (Java, Ruby, Scala, NodeJS)

Nice to have's

- Familiarity with NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Cassandra)

- Familiarity with a Relational Databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostGres)

- Some knowledge of JavaScript Platforms (AngularJS, JQuery)

- Some scripting languages (Python, Perl, Nix-shells)

- Familiarity with distributed systems

- Familiarity with the Cloud deployment (AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Azure)

- General understanding of MVC or the MEAN architecture