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Cascade Power Group(Seattle Pacific University) Description

Cascade Power Group LLC is a Seattle-based 'energy services company' that specializes in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and policy development in the Pacific Northwest region, with a special expertise on combined heat and power/cogeneration and district energy applications. Our clients have included the US Department of Energy, Washington State University Energy Program, Lake Washington School District, Trane Corporation, Puget Sound Energy, and many others. The company is experiencing growth in three areas: Federal and state energy policy development; distributed energy and energy efficiency project development/management; and resource conservation and energy management.

Cascade Power internships are true “green jobs” opportunities that cover a wide range of cutting-edge interests, projects and policies centered around energy efficiency and renewable energy. Interns will have opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in specialized areas of the energy industry, from on-the-ground projects to state legislative policy and energy efficiency advocacy. Interns will have a unique opportunity to have an immediate impact during their tenure, and to 'hit the ground running' when graduating from school. By gaining access to valuable contacts and industry information, Cascade Power interns can begin to build a career tackling the major issues that face the energy industry today and in the future.

Cascade Power Group(Seattle Pacific University) Part-time, Unpaid Responsibilities

Positions Available
? Energy Policy - Track the development of Federal and state energy policy, create written public testimony, review pending energy legislation and regulatory issues, meet with public officials, and create and review grant applications, publications, and articles related to current energy policy. Ideal candidates should be majoring in public administration/policy, environmental sciences/studies, or political science.
? Project Development/Management - Work in all areas of project development and management, from project feasibility and marketing to construction timelines and cost/savings analysis. Those interns wishing to work in business development or construction project management are encouraged to apply for this focus area. Ideal candidates should be studying engineering, construction management, or business.
? Resource Conservation Management (RCM) - Learn basic principles of building audits, energy consumption and cost trending, energy and utility project recommendations, simple payback and life-cycle cost analysis, technology evaluation, communications and behavioral campaigns. We accept a wide range of backgrounds for this program, including engineering, communications and education.
Internships generally run for a period not to exceed 3 months. Past internship positions have normally taken place during the summer months, but our staff is willing to work with individual schedules to accommodate successful applicants. Location and hours are negotiable.

Cascade Power Group(Seattle Pacific University) Part-time, Unpaid Requirements

This internship is not paid, however interns that have contributed substantially to the company will be eligible for a $500 bonus at the end of the internship. Interns are also reimbursed for all business-related expenses. Credit may be earned through your college or university, and state credit programs may also be utilized as part of internship.

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If you are interested in working with us as an intern, please visit contact us via email at [email protected] and please reference the internship position.