NYC based Fashion Internship

30 West 141st Street Apt

Application Deadline: Closed

AMCONYC Description

A NYC based startup clothing brand, manufacturing and selling super cool graphic tops, is looking for an intern to join the team. We're seeking a fun, driven person to help with many aspects of launching and managing a new clothing brand: Product Development, Production, Merchandising, Marketing, Ecommerce, Social Media, PR. We sell via Ecommerce & some wholesale/retail. We believe work can and should be fun and in following your passion!

You’ll work with our founder, who has +7 years fashion industry experience. This is a big opportunity for great experience that could potentially lead to a full-time job.

Our ideal candidate likes to makes things happen…a self-starter who thinks outside the box, who takes ownership of their projects…someone intelligent, creative, curious, tech savvy, fun, with a positive attitude and willing to learn. This is an exciting, hands-on position – you’ll learn a lot, and even teach us a few things!

Tell us about you, your experience, why you’re interested, and please tell about some of your favorite things to do outside of work/school.


- Source new fabric and trim suppliers; new factories and partners

- Work with all to obtain swatches, headers, samples, prices, minimums, lead-times

- New product development and sample making


- Help with bulk production

- Visits to factory if/when needed

- Will work with founder on costs, cost negotiation, cost engineering

- Provide unit projections to factory


- Design and develop new styles & whole line

- Determine product assortment

- Determine and manage Inventory

- Help with both wholesale and ecom pricing strategies

- Communication with retailers and potential partners


- Customer/sales acquisition, and also re-engaging with the customers & community.

- Marketing across multiple channels: SEM/ SEO; Facebook Advertising; Email Marketing; PPC, display, etc.

- Blogging & Community engagement

- MailChimp, HTML responsive email experience preferred but not mandatory


- Managing and updating Ecommerce platform as needed.

- Managing ecommerce pricing, inventory, sales, shipping costs, etc.


- PR / Press engagement & writing


- Manage/update Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts.

- Implement interesting and innovative campaigns.

- Instagram sales – we’ll give you % of sales from any social media sales!

- Use social media tools such as Tweetdeck/Hootsuite to manage campaigns.

AMCONYC 5 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required) Requirements

must be in NYC or NJ with experience in fashion or business